Prepare for an International Move | How to Prepare for an International Relocation

by Priyadarshini 17 January 2023

Relocation is a complicated process with many steps and tasks to complete if everything goes smoothly. Learning how to prepare for movers is one of the steps. In this blog, we tell you how to prepare for an international move.

Some of the most important aspects of preparation are organizing the inventory that will be relocated, protecting your floors, finding available parking for your helpers, and providing them with food and drinks. The next step is to hire a babysitter and decide what to do with your pets. It is also critical to understand what items the professionals will not move and to avoid packing them.

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What Should I Do to Prepare for Movers?

Moving across the world is always difficult, and doing so without the assistance of an international moving company is nearly impossible. Hiring professionals is essential if you want to ensure an efficient move and avoid unnecessary relocation stress. A team of trained professionals will undoubtedly make the entire experience more enjoyable; you simply need to learn how to avoid relocation scams and find a reputable company. Once you’ve found the right help, you can proceed to the next step and learn how to prepare for the arrival of professionals on the relocation date.

How to Avoid Relocation Scams?

Unfortunately, there is always the risk of becoming a victim of fraud when hiring professionals. This is why it is critical that you learn how to spot a scam and avoid it before it is too late. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

Before entering into any agreements, professionals will always provide you with an in-home estimate and a detailed inventory list. A contract will contain all of the details of your transaction, so make sure you read it thoroughly (even the fine writing). Check to see if the company has an official website.
Look for reviews and comments from previous customers (not just the reviews on the company’s website, but also from other resources and forums).

Request a free quote and compare potential prices to quotes from other companies – anything that appears unrealistically high or low should be regarded with suspicion. Ensure that assistants are qualified and that they are using high-quality equipment. Professionals will also provide you with a free quote so that you are aware of the potential costs before the move.

How Should You Prepare for Movers to Pack?

If you want to be fully prepared and organized, you must first purge your home and decide what belongings you will relocate. Assume you’re having second thoughts about certain possessions and want to know if they’re appropriate for moving overseas. If you can’t move them, you’ll have to decide what to do.

Some items can be discarded, while others can be sold or donated. Before the professionals arrive, you can also deal with packing some of your personal belongings, such as clothes, labeling fragile objects, and valuable items, and cleaning up any mess you make along the way.

You Should Understand Which Items Movers Will Not Move and Plan How to Handle Them

Should I start packing before the movers arrive? If you don’t need packing services, you’ll have to wrap and box everything yourself. Professionals will only move packed items; however, you should first learn what objects professionals will not move. These are typically flammable chemicals that could spill and cause accidents during transportation. Professionals will also not transport live plants, pets, food, firearms and ammunition, cash, or valuables. These are some items you should consider moving on your own – or getting rid of.

When Moving Internationally, Get Rid of Potentially Dangerous Items

One of the things people forget to do before relocating is to get rid of potentially hazardous and flammable items. It is not recommended that you attempt to relocate these objects on your own; bringing them on a plane with you puts everyone at risk; this is why these objects are prohibited on most flights. To avoid any potential issues, simply get rid of them and replace them with new hair spray and cleaning supplies once you move into your new home.

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