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by Bienu 30 September 2020


If you are a parent in Singapore, you need not worry about your child’s education as he/ she is going to get just ‘the best’ in the world. No wonder, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rated Singapore as having the best education system in the world. World-Class education imparted through a bevy of International Schools makes it the best place for expats, as far as the education of children is concerned.

Singapore’s education-oriented culture and education focused Government policies are majorly responsible for this excellence in Education.

Higher PISA scores over other OECD

A cursory glance at the performance of Singapore students on a world level reveals: On reading literacy, the main topic of PISA*, 15-year-olds in Singapore score 549 points compared to an average of 487 points, 569 points in mathematics compared to an average of 489 points and 551 points, compared to an average of 489 points in OECD countries. (2018)

As students in Singapore attained the highest marks in the PISA student assessments in 2018, across subjects tested. Of course, this reduces your struggle to find a great school for your children in Singapore.

Singapore has a highly impressive line-up of world-renowned International School, where teaching is imparted in English besides major world languages. Schools are following the International Baccalaureate syllabus or a variant of another national curriculum such as the American core or Australian standard curriculum. International schools are of a very high standard, and therefore typically competitive, with testing and interviews to secure admission. You can expect the fees to vary widely depending on the specific school and the program they offer.

Highest scores in International exams

The score of students here is among the best in the world on international exams, as the classes are focused on teaching the students specific problem-solving skills and subjects. The classroom is highly scripted and the curriculum is focused on teaching students practical skills that will help them solve problems in the real world. Exams are extremely important and classes are tightly oriented around them.


These schools have been modelled on “teach less” and “learn more” which takes away the stress and makes students more productive. This strategy encourages teachers to focus on quality education over quantity.


World-leading education

According to PISA, an influential worldwide study on educational systems, Singapore has the highest performance in international education and tops in global rankings. In January 2020, Singapore students made up half of the perfect scorers in the IB examinations worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that Singapore’s education system has been described as “world-leading” and in 2010 was among those picked out for commendation by the Conservative former UK Education Secretary Michael Gove.


Click here for a list of best International Schools:

  1. Canadian International School
  2. Singapore American School
  3. Avondale Grammar School
  4. International French School (Singapore)
  5. United World College South East Asia
  6. Chatsworth International School
  7. Hillside World Academy
  8. Invictus International School
  9. Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS)
  10. Tanglin Trust School
  11. Eton House International Education Group
  12. GEMS World Academy
  13. The Grange Institution
  14. Dover Court International School
  15. Stamford American International School
  16. Joseph’s Institution International
  17. The Grange Institution
  18. 5 Steps Academy
  19. The Perse School Singapore
  20. Razum International School Singapore


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