Tips & Tricks for International Relocation

by Priyadarshini 2 May 2023

Prepare with enough Time at hand


The key to smooth moving is meticulous planning. Everything will depend on how you plan and your organization skills. Keep in mind if your moving dates are in summer, it is recommended you make all your bookings at least a month before. As summer is the peak for relocation.

Choose the Correct Packing Materials


Buy your packing material with the utmost attention. Boxes you purchase should be sturdy to sustain the weight of the goods. While you may get free boxes from neighborhood stores, they won’t be strong enough for transit.

So, while buying packaging boxes, tapes, etc. ensure they are good quality and can be used for moving purposes. This will save your valuable goods from damages.

Consult with the moving crew to pack fragile items correctly. Ideally, your moving service provider will guide you on the packaging of valuable household goods.

Ease of Transit

Apply the rule of thumb here, if the box cannot be lifted easily it’s too heavy. Divide items between multiple boxes so that individual boxes do not become too heavy and fail to sustain the weight.

Then it’s time to bring out all your markers. Label each box so, that it is easier for you to identify them later when you unpack.

Keep things like phonebook, cleaning supplies, blankets, pillows and sheets, light bulbs handy. These are the things which you may need initially at your new home.

Co-ordinate with your transporting crew to load those boxes last which you will require first at your move destination.

A good trick for you to set-up your refrigerator quick is that you keep a bowl of baking soda in it. Once, the refrigerator is unloaded and unpacked, plug it in and keep a bowl of baking soda in it. This will soak the moisture due to traveling and keep your fridge cavity fresh.

Hand-in-Hand with your Moving Crew

While your moving crew is there to do all the tasks, it is also your responsibility to supervise the process. Ensure that all the items are loaded and double-check that the premises are empty once the loading finishes. Do a final round of inspection after the loading is complete.

Fill the inventory form carefully and ask for help where needed. Make a separate of items that you are shipping. Ask for a copy of the bill and note down your shipment’s registration number. It is advisable that you do not sign any releases without completing your final round of checking the premises.


Make sure you are present at the location when the delivery team arrives. Co-ordinate the unloading process and assist the crew with questions they may have. Guide them on where to place which item in the house.

In case you cannot be present at the location authorize a representative to be there and take care of the delivery. Inform your relocation team about your representative

What Are You Waiting for?

If you have upcoming relocation plans and would like to avail relocation services, get in touch with us for easy and stress-free moving!

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