Relocation Questions to Ask Employer

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by Justin 2 May 2019

Relocating to another place can be hectic. If decisions are not taken carefully, it can cause negative impact on your family. There are few relocation tips given below, which we would like to share with you.


Will your employer give assistance in a new place to take care of your family. Are they providing facilities for your children like child care, school etc

Other relocation assistance

Is there monetary assistance? Do they have relocation specialists? These are the few significant question to think about.


 Ask the authority about various commuting concerns, such as public transportation, important routes and even alternative transportation options before you settle on an area.

Temporary housing

Will the employer provide temporary housing ? Will the expense of temporary housing be covered?  Will they help you to settle in a temporary location ? These are the few questions which should be thought about.


Is there any compensation, for you and your family provided by the company? There are the few concerns for relocation.

Any commitments involved

Is there any pay back agreement? Should the employee pay back in prorated portions? Is there any time time bound for pay back?

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