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by Priyadarshini 10 June 2022

It’s always beneficial to have an extra pair of hands for home maintenance. Finding suitable domestic help should not be difficult in Singapore, which has over 240,000 domestic helpers… Right? Not always, of course. In this blog, we tell you about types of maid insurance in Singapore.

To begin, there are numerous types of domestic workers to pick from in Singapore. The cost of their service may differ depending on the type. As a result, there’s a lot to think about before hiring a pair of helping hands.

Types of Maid Insurance in Singapore

Domestic Helper Types in Singapore

In Singapore, there are two categories of domestic workers: full-time live-in helpers and part-time live-out help. Let us understand more about their specifications and scope of work.

Domestic servants who work full-time

According to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, almost all full-time assistants in Singapore are Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs). A maid worker is a foreign national who has been hired through a maid agency. While hiring a full-time domestic assistant in Singapore through an agency is the most convenient option, you can also employ help through internet platforms.

MDWs are required by law to reside with their employers during the course of their job, according to the Ministry of Manpower. So, if you decide to engage a full-time domestic helper in Singapore, you must offer them food and lodging in addition to their salary. That is a tiny fee to pay for full-time assistance.

Full-time MDWs are available in the following countries:

Sri Lanka

Full-time domestic helper classifications

You can recruit two categories of full-time domestic helpers: new maids and transfer maids.

Who is it intended for?

While there is no shortage of full-time domestic assistants in Singapore, you should consider whether their extensive range of services is what you require. It is a significant financial investment. Full-time maids would be ideal for you if:

  • You have a large family with children or ageing parents.
  • You own a large house and require assistance with its maintenance.
  • You can afford an MDW maid’s monthly salary.
  • Your home can accommodate an extra person.

Domestic helpers who work part-time

What should you do if you don’t require full-time housekeeping assistance? What if you have a small family on a tight budget? In that instance, a part-time domestic worker would be ideal.

Part-time domestic workers in Singapore provide a limited but necessary range of services. They, like full-time MDWs, can be hired through agencies or on their own. However, keep in mind that working as a part-time maid for an MDW is unlawful.

So, before you engage a part-time domestic helper, make sure she is one of the following:

  • Singaporean national
  • A permanent occupant
  • A holder of a dependant pass
  • One of the benefits of employing a part-time domestic helper is that they do not incur any of the additional hiring costs associated with full-time assistants. You just pay for their time and service.

Who is it intended for?

Part-time housekeepers are good for:

Small families/households
Homes with low resources
People on a tight budget

Domestic Helper Fees in Singapore

In Singapore, the monthly cost of hiring a full-time or part-time domestic helper might vary substantially. Full-time helpers charge based on their expertise and country of origin. Part-time assistance, on the other hand, charge by the hour or by the scope of work.

The monthly cost of hiring a full-time assistant
The following are the minimum monthly wages for full-time domestic workers based on their country of origin:

S$570 in the Philippines
S$550 in Indonesia
S$497 in Sri Lanka
S$450 for Myanmar
Full-time assistants from other countries, such as India, Thailand, and Bangladesh, pay roughly S$450-500 per month.

Because transfer maids have past experience, their monthly wages are greater. Their monthly wages can range between S$800 and S$1,000. Overall, the average monthly compensation for domestic workers in Singapore is roughly S$600.

Please keep in mind that these incomes do not include other monthly expenses such as housing, food, transportation, medical check-ups, and other necessities.

The monthly cost of hiring a part-time assistance

If you opt to hire a part-time domestic helper through a cleaning service, there will almost certainly be a one-time registration or agency cost. On average, this equates to S$250. These payments include perks like guaranteed maid replacements.

A part-time domestic helper’s hourly wage ranges from S$18 to S$30 per hour. Agencies and individual assistants may provide discounted monthly packages ranging from S$230 to S$450 per month. Weekly cleaning services are included with these packages.
It is vital to note that agencies have a necessary minimum number of hours per visit while providing part-time services.

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