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by Priyadarshini 11 January 2023

Good organization and management is the key to a successful moving process. Remember organization saves time and unwanted problems. Despite the time taking nature of coordination, endless planning, double-checking checklist, one must know that all of this is worth the pain. In this blog, we share the ultimate office moving checklist for you to drive your office move the right way.

Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Shared Folder

Plan ahead, and be organized. All of the documents like spreadsheets, quotations from the moving company, other documents at work, keep in one single folder and share it with the rest of your team. This will be convenient and help you streamline the move. Create checklists, contact lists, timelines for various moving steps, payment details, etc., and keep it in one single folder.

Check Your Office inventory

Take a tour and check your office inventory. Items like furniture, furnishings, and electronic equipment. This will help you chart out an appropriate plan for how to move them and if these items will be useful at the new office. Decide what you want to move, and sell or donate the unwanted stuff.  This will also save you a lot of money as the size of your move won’t be bigger.

Send Notifications

We suggest notifying your employees about the moving process in person and not by email. Face-to-face interaction will involve your company’s staff and they will feel a sense of responsibility too. Discuss the relocation and provide your employees with personally addressed letters documenting the news if you wish.

Hire a Moving Company

Well, the most important of all things is to get a moving company to do the job for you. Your office move is not the only task at hand. So, don’t over-commit to having a DIY move as when the time comes, things will turn out to be a disaster. So, look for a moving company with good reviews, a reputation, and one that serves you the best quotes.

Notify Your Clients

When it comes to communicating a change of address for your business, you must deal with it correctly. The two most key factors are timing and clarity. Based on our experience moving businesses, we suggest sending your clients a relocation notice a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of your move-in date.

Have some Fun!

Go beyond the regular moving activities like packing and moving day procedures, and make it fun for your employees. It’s a good idea to give yourself a breather too! Host a farewell lunch, plan a week of new office activities, and a party to celebrate the cause. Invite your clients too and add a little fun to the whole moving experience. So, now you have the ultimate office moving checklist to help you move your business address like a pro!

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