Africa is the second largest continent & home to hundreds of expats from all over the world. We have been successfully moving expats to Egypt, Ghana, South Africa and many more places. We ensure professional & efficient moving services to make your relocation to Africa hassle-free!

What You Need to Know About Moving to South Africa

South Africa is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. It is often described as ‘A World in One Country’ due to it being one of the most diverse country in the world. The warm and sunny climate on the western side gives a Mediterranean experience and the eastern part of South Africa has a sub-Saharan Africa feel to it. South Africa also has such a diverse landscape as well, from Drankensberg, a range of mountains covered in snow, to the Kalahari Desert, where temperatures often reach over 40oC. Other areas include lush green hills and abundant farmlands.

South Africa offers a unique experience to those visiting or relocating with natural reserves inhabited by all kinds of wildlife. The white sandy beaches, wildlife, winelands and mountains makes it an ideal location for expatriates and retirees that love a relaxed and outdoor lifestyle. Expatriates with experience at executive positions and in the new emerging industries, such as the automotive industry, will have a great deal of job opportunities in South Africa. This combined with the low cost of living appeals many foreigners.

The quality of education in public schools of South Africa is not considered to be wholesome, thus expats often opt for international schooling option available. There are also several internationally recognized universities in South Africa, such as University of Witwatersrand, University of Cape Town, etc.

Foreigners are eligible to purchase real estate property in South Africa without restrictions, as same laws as South African nationals are applied. For those looking to rent, the process is straight forward like any other countries. Make sure everything is in writing and understand the right and responsibilities as a tenant. Try to rent via real estate agent to be safe with your rental agreement.

It hold the second-best economy in Africa. However due to the lack of qualified employees, there are many opportunities for foreign talents. High skilled expatriates and university graduates are high demand to fill up executive roles in the country especially in the new emerging industries such as banking, IT, automotive and communications.

The government offers a wide range of visas applicable for foreigners to live, work, study and retire in South Africa. Be sure not to overstay as there are repercussions such as being banned from the country up to 5 years.

South Africa is still relatively cheap compared to many western countries. Expatriates enjoys a high standard of living with the ability to get domestic help since labor cost are low. Due to this reason, other general service cost are restaurants and elsewhere are inexpensive.

South Africa does not offer free national healthcare, therefore set up your health insurance in advance and understand its coverage terms and conditions.

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