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by Bienu 21 October 2020

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Online shopping is ease, comfort and fun! This is the reason that the digital economy in Singapore is showing signs of maturity, making it a very attractive place for e-commerce platforms. We have listed some of the top E-commerce websites in Singapore to show you the way for Online shopping.

In Singapore, e-commerce is the next frontier for business growth. Its digital landscape entails, Internet Penetration and Online behaviour in 2019 with 4.92 million Singaporeans, or 84% of the population being online and 4.6 million of these Internet users are active social media users.

The world has literary divided into two sets of people: Offline and Online. The online population is perpetually rising with one million internet users getting added every day. Due to enhanced digital infrastructure, such as 4G networks and optical fiber, Singapore has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world. Singapore also dominates the Southeast Asian region which has an average Internet penetration rate of 63%.

Online Shopping in Singapore

Other findings prove the point why E-commerce websites is so strong here as Singapore ranks 1st globally when it comes to fixed Internet speed (190.94 Mbps) and 2nd for mobile Internet connection speeds (60.95Mbps). Singapore users choose fiber broadband as their Internet connection of choice at 92%. Mobile devices have overtaken laptops and computers as the equipment of choice for accessing the Internet. 91% use smartphones, while only 71% use a laptop or desktop computer to go online.

This makes Millennials take up the majority of online shoppers, though Gen Z is not far behind. Travel, electronics, fashion & beauty are the top three categories for online shoppers in Singapore.

E-commerce websites has made shopping convenient and fun for everyone.  With online market place, you don’t need to visit the market place, instead, you can shop for the things you need from the comfort of your home. Your mobile phone, laptop or computer are your shopping tools and what you need is a high-speed internet connection, which Singaporeans already have.

Today, several businesses all over the world in the industries of fashion, technology, and even food & beverage have their online stores from where customers are buying directly.

E-Commerce websites in Singapore has seen unprecedented growth even though Singapore is a city-state with 8 million population.

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