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Singaporean food is one of the most talked-about things for any tourist in Singapore. This is home to more dishes than you can eat in a lifetime right from international global and oriental cuisine to street food to homegrown chefs to Michelin starred restaurants, the place has it all. Take your pick!

Merlion City offers some fantastic dining options, that’s why it is called gastronome’s delight. You can gorge on some exotic buffets at some of the most renowned F & B outlets offering a heady mix of cuisines. You can enjoy these buffets with unlimited offers and limitless time. You can walk-in any time of the day and enjoy the grand spread. The best buffets are laid out at Merlion city’s 5-Star hotels, hence come at a price.

Local food in Singapore is equally exotic. In Singapore, local restaurants are run by families and passed on from one generation to the other. All these unique flavours that they offer are tasty, affordable and offer a memorable experience. The influence of Chinese cuisine can be seen everywhere however, the local Chinese restaurants and stalls are more popular than other modern counterparts. The taste they offer is supreme and prices are cheap.

Little India is an ethnic quarter, as the name suggests, you get a feel that you are in Little India. The place is populated by the Indian community who is now a part of the Singaporean landscape. For tourists, it is a must-visit destination, which is forever busy.

The aroma of Indian spices catches your senses and you long to try some Indian food here. Restaurants in Little India serve delicious northern and southern Indian culinary spread, so expect to find a lot of spicy curries, biryani, and all sorts of Indian goodies. Vibrant restaurants, packed tables, and delicious food are what you get.

Besides there are lots of fine – dining restaurants in every area of the city and malls also.

Rise to some foodie adventure in Singapore every day.
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If you are the one who likes to chill over a drink with friends or enjoy a quiet drink in a beautiful company, Singapore has many options to offer.

But where to do head for the drink, especially if you are new here, the task at hand isn’t easy.

The Club Street is one such place in Singapore, which makes your task easier. It is undoubtedly the best place to go bar-hopping. The bars here offer some great booze and food, where you can easily reach from MRT station – Teylok Ayer. A must-visit for wine lovers.


Singapore is acclaimed world over for its shopping avenues which offer a heavy concoction of malls, high-streets, street-sides stalls, markets and very high-end upmarket malls with all top-of-the-line International malls. Without proper knowledge of these shopping destinations, you would tend to get lost!

Shopping in Singapore offers a plethora of options right from budget shoppers to very high-end shoppers. It is a place of choice of foreigners for their shopping experiences, they love to spend time, have the experience, wine and dine alongside shopping of their favourite stuff. The shopping avenues could be as contrast as it could be, there are sprawling malls like ION Orchard, VIVO mall to Marine Bay to China Town to Mustafa Centre. Each of them is unique in its way.

You get some unique offers during the sale season or during Singapore Shopping Festival where people from the world over come to shop and enjoy. You can strike great deals of a lifetime. Not only this, you have exotic Spas, Salons and Parlours to chill and relax, which are the hallmarks of overall shopping experience.

While shopping you can also enjoy some exotic global, Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisine as various eating joints. This way we see that Singapore offers a wholesome experience to passionate shoppers.

If shopping is your passion, Singapore is the destination!

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