What You Need to Know About Moving to Asia

Along with your furniture, we are also vehicles and pet movers in Singapore!

Asia, the earth’s largest and most populous continent are known of the existence of various cultures, religions, languages, food, etc. This continent has the second largest nominal GDP among all the continents. We are proud to be one of the best packers and movers in Singapore who is persistently delivering high-quality relocation services to our clients who are planning to move to Asia.

When you are planning to move with APAC Relocation, our experienced moving consultant will help you in your every international step of relocating. We are proud to be one of the best packers and movers in Singapore who are persistently delivering high-quality relocation services to our clients who are planning to move to Asia. When you are planning to move with APAC Relocation, our experienced moving consultant will help you in your every international step of relocating. Packing of your belongings will be done to the highest standards possible and every phase like container loading, voyage, export and import documentation, customs, insurance etc. will be taken care of by us.

Our Expert Relocation Services in Asia

Japan- A place of a perfect amalgamation of ancient culture and cutting-edge technology. APAC relocation is committed to offering bespoke professional moving services to the individuals who are planning to relocate the land of the rising sun.

Thailand(Siam until 1939)- Thailand is located in South-East Asia and its pristine beaches and laid-back lifestyle attract many youths either for job opportunities or permanently settling down.We can help expats with all paperwork and documents including customs paperwork and shipping requirements.

Vietnam- We are specialist in planning a move to the home to palaces, temples and pagodas, Vietnam. This S-shaped country bordering Laos, Cambodia and The People’s Republic of China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world since 2000 and a huge attraction for expats.Contact us for the hassle-free move of residential and commercial belongings.

Sri Lanka- If you are planning to move to an island country with 15 national parks, tropical forests, countless waterfalls, backwaters, aquatic sports etc.we can help you. Every stage of your journey is planned with extra care and by adopting safety measures by us. We are aware of custom standards demanded by Sri Lanka for moving in goods and can provide your belongings safe entry into the country without mutilating any customs laws.

South Korea- You do not have stress about your smooth relocation when you wish to move to one of East Asia’s most developed country. APAC vast network of moving consultants and agents across the globe are aware of the specific commercial and residential moving needs of the client’s.Every step in moving from making an inventory list to handling customs will be taken care by us.

With offices in 56 countries across six continents, we are one the pioneered international movers in Singapore who have helped thousands of families, schools, businesses etc.in stress-free relocation in various parts of Asia including Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

Options Available for Shipping to Asia

We are the professional movers and understand that no two moves are similar.We can customize the following shipments modes in accordance with your requirements, possessions, and budget.If you require warehouse facility before or after your goods leave your location,you can contact our moving consultant for storage options and rates. We are affordable and reliable storage company inSingapore and offer warehouse options to handle every type and size of residential/commercial relocation.

We offer shipments modes like Air freight, FCL (Full Container) shipments, LCL (Less than Container) shipments, and Groupage/shared shipping to every part of Asia

Air Freight

We are an expert provider of relocation services in Singapore and know the importance of safely and timely delivery of your shipments. Air Freight shipments are picked up from client location, packed, and loaded to an aircraft within 48 hours of packing. Transit time and quarantine clearances and customs clearances at Asiarely on where you are moving to Asia.

An Air Freight is one of the fastest modes of shipping goods but it is one of the costliest too. This option is perfect when you want to send minimal items/furniture of one bedroom or 2 rooms of your home /office.

LCL-Less than Container Load Shipments

Due to our experience of providing proficient moving services inSingapore,werecommend LCL shipment service when people do not have enough volume of goods which can reasonably fill up space in a 20ft Container. Once packing of client goods are performed in Singapore, client cargo will be sent to our freight forwarder who maintains a weekly sailing schedule.

LCL shipping is best for small shipments( perfect for shipping one bedroom apartment, small flat/small office, and few large furniture items relocation) which are needed to be shipped urgent to the UK and cannot wait for Groupage shipments. This is the second most expensive mode to ship freight.

Sole-use container: – A 20ft. or 40ft. shipping containers will be provided to the clients which they do not have to share with anyone else and can be used exclusively for their shipping their belongings.The Container will be loaded at your origin location and it will be sealed and shipped out. There is no additional handling involved in the whole process.

The next time you can see the Container will be at your prescribed destination in the Asia (if access is allowed).We are able to provide you with a fixed sailing date in this option.This shipment option is suitable for relocating large families or huge work premises.It is one of the economical modes.

Groupage Shipping/Shared Container

APAC is one of the budget movers in Singapore and recommends shared shipping to people who are not in any urgency to ship goods or there is no stringent deadline to follow. Groupage shipping method works for smaller shipments i.e. shipments which are below half a 20ft Container to Asia. All the shipments are held in our warehouse after packing until the 20ft container is filled up.

The waiting time before their shipment actually starts moving depends on the location from where you are planning to move to Asia. Our customers can book this option for shipping bulk of their goods and can opt for Air Freight for shipping their essentials or necessary smaller items to reach on time.

We offer arange of comprehensive transit insurance options, clients can choose the one which is right for them and can take a sigh of relief thinking that their possessions are in safe hands. On arrival of your consignment to Asia, we make sure to safely collect from ports, custom and quarantine clearit, and deliver it to your residence.

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We offer a range of packing options, comprehensive transit insurance options, affordable well-equipped with modern facilities, warehouse storage options and clients can choose the one which is right for them and can take a sigh of relief thinking that their possessions are in safe hands.

APAC Relocation packers and movers are the best when it comes to successfully handling all paperwork, document verification, customs and quarantine clearances, making your goods reached without mutilating other country laws, Assembling/arranging of your belongings (valet and handyman services) at the destination.

Our services in other countries in Asia

We are one of the pioneers for providing international moving services to hundreds of expats, who move to Asia every year. Our experienced moving consultants will help you with every step of your international move. We are proud to be one of the best packers and movers in Singapore & we promise you

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