What You Need to Know About Moving to Singapore

We are continuously working on making the relocation process easier for our clients; therefore, we provide as many supporting services as we can to reduce your tortuous search for other essential elements when moving to a new city. Stated below are the list of services we currently provide to ensure you get settled into your new home in Singapore.

Travel & Health Insurance

Having your shipment and travel plans insured is important to have a peace of mind during the whole process. You wouldn’t need to look elsewhere as we provide a complete insurance plan. We can also assist in arranging a health insurance plan in Singapore for you and your family

Short Term Accommodation

Only looking for a short term stay till everything gets settled? We have got you covered too! APAC will set you up with a place of stay at an affordable rate. We will arrange your accommodation according to your preferences and make you feel at home.

Choosing a Credit Card

Living in Singapore isn’t cheap so make use of the gifts, promotions and discounts which comes with credits cards in Singapore. We have the complete list of credit cards and their benefits, available for expats, to help you choose yours.

Inbound shipment service

APAC offers complete inbound shipment service. We will take over and guarantee a smooth process of unpacking and assembly of your furniture, after ensuring your shipment has reached the Singapore port without a hitch.


Singapore government is very thorough when going through visa applications, so get your visa approved on the first try! We will guide you through the whole process and make sure all your paperwork is settled in time.

School Finding

Singapore has a large pool of international and public schools, however public schools maybe a little difficult to get into. We will gather all necessary details and advise you on the appropriate option for your children’s education.

Home Hunting

Moving to a new country means finding a new home suitable for you. Housing in Singapore can be pricey, so let us help you hunt for the right house that fits your lifestyle and other requirements. We have access to all the best homes at different budget levels and at prime locations. Commute to work and to school for your children will be made easier if ..

Opening Bank Account

There are plenty of choices when looking to open a bank account, from local banks to foreign banks. As a result, it is important to rather all the necessary information such as interest rates, transaction charges, minimum average daily balance requirement and so on when deciding. Each bank has its own benefits and we will guide you in choosing the suit..

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