“Don’t want to leave your granny’s Mahogony Almirah behind? With Apac’s excess baggage you can ship anything of any size.”

International relocation can be a messy affair if not managed with care. Plan a sophisticated international relocation with Apac. Our excess baggage will make your travel more organized and stress-free.

Does traveling with piles of bags makes you uncomfortable? Rely on our excess baggage service to make your relocation more comfortable.

Sending unaccompanied baggage has always been a tricky task, but with the professional assistance from Apac Relocation, you can now send excess baggage in a hassle-free manner. The excess baggage can be delivered using any of the three options; air freight, sea freight, and road freight.

How our excess baggage service works:

  • Book online through pick up request
  • We can pack the stuff or keep the item packed and ready to ship.
  • In-transit – Track and monitor the baggage in real-time.
  • On-time delivery guaranteed.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Avail our easy and hassle excess baggage service and send consignments to any destination. Feel free to send baggage to the UK to Australia or to France, our professionals will collect the items from your location. All you have to do is to book the order and you are done.

Why Rely on Apaca for International Shipping baggage:

No matter what the destination is or the pickup location, our experts ensure that your baggage arrives at its destination on time. Our affordable solution is all you need to ship the extra baggage without paying heavy dues. Whether you wish to send something special to your loved ones or moving to the new location with some special belongings, the excess baggage service ensures that nothing left behind in the journey.

Our Excess Baggage Service Includes :

  • A dedicated member to ensure that the baggage is received and delivered from start to finish. From collecting the item to shipping it and uploading it to the destination every step is guarded.
  • Excess baggage demand more care. We ensure that the best boxes & packing materials are used to ensure safe delivery
  • We manage Shipping & local delivery, customs clearance, and documentation as well.

Request a quote online and find out how our excess baggage facility could make your relocation more relaxed.

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