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by Priyadarshini 8 December 2021

FWD is one of the most digitally advanced vehicle insurers in Singapore. It also offers Lifetime 50% No Claims Discount (NCD) promise. This insurer will likely appeal to you if you’re the non-traditional sort. Those who appreciates greater simplicity when purchasing any auto insurance plan online. In this blog, we tell you about FWD car insurance Singapore. 

FWD vehicle insurance plan

FWD does offer more cost-effective TPO and TPFT car insurance for older vehicles. But comprehensive car insurance is where it really excels. The Comprehensive Classic plan is generally a safe bet. This provides all of the coverage that a regular  Singaporean would require. Car repairs, transportation allowance while your car is being fixed, replacement car for entirely wrecked cars under one year old, etc. Additionally, you also get medical expenses, third-party damage, roadside assistance, and much more. The more expensive Comprehensive categories  like (Executive, Prestige) are for families and include additional personal accident coverage.

FWD car insurance Singapore

Add-ons for FWD vehicle insurance

The following add-ons can be added to your FWD vehicle insurance policy:

Overseas Booster

If you’re on a business or leisure trip in West Malaysia or Southern Thailand, this add-on will come in handy if you have an emergency, For instance, stealing of your vehicle or accidently damages. It’s also reassuring to know that claiming this benefit will not affect Your NCD, and there will be no excess to pay.

Your Preferred Workshop

You’ll be able to choose your own workshop to service your car with this add-on. For new cars that are still under warranty, this is a good option.

Young Driver Excess Waiver

Younger drivers under the age of 27 will appreciate the ability to waive the Young Driver excess. It also applies to “Loss or Damage to Your Car” or “New Car Replacement” advantages.

NCD Protector

If you have one of FWD’s Comprehensive Plans, you’ll be eligible for FWD’s Lifetime 50% NCD Guarantee. This means you get unlimited NCD Protector and your NCD stays at 50% regardless of how many claims you submit. Even if you renew with FWD, your new premium (depending on FWD’s terms and circumstances) may increase.

Any Driver You Can Rely On to Drive Your Car

Well, guess what? Without having to name them on your policy, you can insure any of your trusted friends or family members who drive your car. This benefit is included in the Executive and Prestige plans, but it is available as an add-on to the Classic plan.

Family Protection

This is one of the reasons why FWD’s plans are suitable for families. In case of hospitalization as a result of an accident, you will earn $100 each day (for up to 90 days). A $50,000 payout is also available for death and total and permanent disability, which covers accidents that are not related to cars.

How might FWD help you save money on premiums?

FWD’s rates are already reasonably priced. However you can reduce your premium by modifying your excess and applying NCD. When you pay with a DBS/POSB or OCBC Mastercard or Visa credit card, you can obtain NCD and increase your excess to pay a lesser premium. FWD also offers 12 months interest-free instalment premium payments (for yearly premium payments of more than $500). They also provides one-time promotions, such as a current 20% off all Comprehensive Plans. FWD car insurance Singapore can help you save even more money.

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