Five reasons why you need Travel Insurance

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by Priyadarshini 22 September 2020

Travelling excites everyone. Whether you are travelling for work, business or leisure, it is of utmost importance to make your travel plans secure. It is one of the most essential investment to make while you plan your trip. Travel insurance is like a safety net that keeps you secure against unforeseen situations and expenses. You can be faced with many situations while you are travelling overseas, it could be a medical emergency, or loss of important documents like passport, baggage, etc. Hence, it becomes important to have back-up support against such risks.

Travel Insurance is a policy that assumes the kind of risks your travel may carry and covers them. Typically, travel Insurance policy covers medical risks, travel risks, and also flight disruptions. Embarking on a trip abroad, without travel insurance would be a nightmare. A travel insurance policy would ensure nothing unpredictable ruins your vacation.

If you are still thinking about why a travel insurance policy is important, here are five reasons why you must get travel insurance.

Medical Emergencies

No matter how detailed and meticulous your plan is, no travel plan abroad is full-proof. There can be enough things that can go wrong at any point in time leaving you vulnerable on foreign territory. The cost of healthcare facilities overseas is exorbitant and the services can easily burn a hole in your pocket.

Imagine you have to bear a medical cost that you didn’t plan for, it will only lead to budget disruptions and stress. Furthermore, it will spoil the rest of your trip too. This is where travel insurance could help. Travel insurance will provide coverage for medical exigencies and medical expenses in case of a life-threatening situation. Some travel insurance also comes with services like medical evacuation, air ambulance, etc.

Support in an Unknown Territory

Travel insurances provide 24×7 customer support to help its users make claims despite barriers such a language, foreign nation, etc. Every travel insurance company has a team working to serve its clients no matter where they are located. They can counsel you for all kinds of medical or travel-related emergencies. Immediate assistance is assured in cases of loss of documents, medical needs, and guidance. This makes your trip hassle-free.

Flight Disruptions 

It is common today for flights to get cancelled or delayed. This happens due to various reasons; it could be owing to natural hazards or it could be the airline’s issue. Whatever be the cause if you have travel insurance, you will be able to get a refund or reimbursement according to your insurance policy. In such situations, a travel insurance policy is a big saver as it will cover extra costs like an unplanned stay, food, and many other additional costs.

Personal Liability

Some unforeseen situations may land you in trouble with a third party/ person involved. Some emergencies may also have damages inflicted on a third person’s property and in such a situation you may be required to shell extra money from your pocket to pay for the damages. Travel insurance will come to your rescue here too, as some insurance policy has a benefit of ‘personal liability’ and the insurance will cover the expenses for third-party indemnities.

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Many nations have made it a must for visitors to have travel insurance. So, it is better to sign up for a travel insurance policy when you plan your trip. You can well imagine what a loss it would be to be at the immigrations and then having to return because you do not have a travel insurance policy. In fact, your visa too might get rejected for the lack of travel insurance as many countries have it as a pre-requisite for travellers.

Travel insurance will guarantee you a perfect trip!

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