PCMI Insurance Brokers Pte

Med. Coverage

S$ 3,125,000

Total Coverage


▸ Aetna Pioneer 1750 Up to 2,250,000 SGD

▸ Aetna Pioneer 2500 Up to 3,125,000 SGD

▸ Aetna Pioneer 4000 Up to 5,000,000 SGD

▸ Aetna Pioneer 5000 Up to 6,250,000 SGD

▸ This is the total excess each member needs to pay towards claims in the plan year.

▸ Aetna Pioneer 1750 Nil, 1,250 SGD, 2,500 SGD, 5,000 SGD or 10,000 SGD, as shown on your &HUWLȴFDWHRIΖQVXUDQFH.

▸ Aetna Pioneer 2500, 4000 and 5000 No annual excess.

▸ It’s important you request our approval before you receive treatment for the following treatments and services:

▸ Medical evacuation

▸ Inpatient or daycare treatment admission

▸ Psychiatric treatment

▸ Prescription for more than three months’ supply of drugs for a chronic medical condition

▸ Single treatment or service that costs more than 625 SGD or equivalent If you’re unable to ask for approval because it’s an emergency, you or someone on your behalf must let us know about the emergency within 24 hours.

An annual excess applies to Aetna Pioneer 1750.

This is the total excess each member needs to pay towards claims in the plan year and applies to all EHQHȴWV, except where explicitly stated.

▸ We’ll apply your chosen level of outpatient coinsurance, as shown on your &HUWLȴFDWH RIΖQVXUDQFH, to outpatient claims.

▸ Once the total amount of outpatient coinsurance you have paid in a plan year reaches the maximum amount, you won’t have to pay any more outpatient coinsurance.

▸ We’ll apply our dental coinsurances to dental claims under the dental benefits only.