What You Need to Know About Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a wild, untamed and rugged country, is a dream location to many foreigners. It is known as Central America’s green paradise with stunning beaches, rainforests and biodiversity, with a wildlife that is flourishing. The forests in Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of world’s species, despite the landmass only covering 0.03% of the planet.

Costa Ricans (Ticos) are some of the happiest people in the world due to their relaxed and sustainable lifestyle. People in Costa Rica are very open and friendly, they aren’t reluctant to open their homes to foreigners. Additionally, Costa Rica has managed a stable democracy, with little crime, and it is also the most literate population in Central America.

Why relocate to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s Central Valley has always been the most practical option expatriates due to its central location, spring-like climate and convenient expat community. San José retains a good reputation for its central location and easier access to the GAM (Greater Metropolitan Area).

The agriculture and eco-tourism industry have put Costa Rica on the map and provides a steady flow of income and foreign investments into the country, this has opened a reasonable number of job opportunities. However, the government gives priority of its local workforce over foreign employees to protect them. Thus, Costa Rica is more attractive to retirees and for those looking to start a business or become a citizen.

Other benefits of moving to Costa Rica would be the modern and highly rated healthcare at a low cost, the ability to purchase real estate even on a tourist visa and the inexpensive rental accommodation options.

Education is taken seriously in Costa Rica, it has one of the best quality schooling system in Central and Southern America. The literacy rate for the residence above 15 is 95%. It offers private schools of different cultural background, your children will have access to international programmes in these schools. Public schools are of excellent quality as well.

Costa Rica allows foreigners to purchase properties and they are on sale at reasonable rates depending on location. Rental properties are also available at low -costs.

You can apply for temporary residence in Costa Rica, there are residence permits available specifically for retirees. They offer Permanent Residence to close relatives of a Costa Rican national.

Cost of living in Costa Rica is much lower than in the United States. The cost of living ranges between $1,000 to $6,000 depending on one’s lifestyle. The local food and grocery are available at affordable rates if you are looking to save money.

Costa Rica has the best medical care system in Latin America. Despite the well equipped and trained staff in the hospitals, costs are low in comparison to the United States.

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