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by Priyadarshini 5 June 2023

Are you planning to renovate your home? Does the cost factor give you sleepless nights? There are many ways by which you can budget your home renovation plans. In this blog, we tell you how to avoid home renovation mistakes. When renovating our new home, you must be wary of the potential money-wasting pitfalls. We tell you some examples to be better prepared.

How to Avoid Home Renovation Mistakes?


Violation of Regulations

Although your new home has high ceilings, did you know that you are not permitted to build a mezzanine floor in your HDB flat? Furthermore, if you are moving into a new BTO, you will be unable to change the flooring with waterproofing. Before beginning any hacking work, HDB must approve it.
In the worst-case scenario, you will be required to “undo” the illegal works and/or pay a fine, as well as pay for repairs to your neighbours’ homes.

Uncertain About Your Wants

If you can’t make up your mind and keep adding or changing your design, especially at the last minute, this could increase your total cost.

Entrusting your Contractor/ID with Everything

Always keep an eye on what your contractor/ID is up to. Are they using inferior materials/paint that was not agreed upon in the contract? Or are they referring you to companies (for bathroom fixtures, lighting, etc.) that will pay them the highest commission rather than getting you the best deal? homes. You should also conduct background checks on your contractor/ID before hiring them.

Examine the reviews and ensure that they are properly accredited and licenced. If they fail to apply for the necessary permits on time, damage public property such as the HDB lift, or carry out noisy works outside of the specified times, you may be required to pay for damages, forfeit deposits, or face other fees/complaints from your future neighbours.

Is it Really Necessary to Hack?

Because hacking is expensive, you should only hack a wall if you have a specific design or purpose in mind. Consider your long-term goals as well. Do you really want to knock down the wall to create a larger living room? Have you considered your elderly mother, or whether you want to have children in the future?

Inadequate Planning/Communication

You started looking for furniture a year before I got the keys to my apartment. Were you being overly optimistic? However, it is common practice to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of your new home. Just make sure the items will fit in your home. Bring a measuring tape with you when you go shopping, and communicate the measurements with your contractor/ID.

Grand Aesthetics

For example, you might want to buy a S$3,000 leather loveseat because it matches the decor of your home. However, cracks may form after only a few years, making movie marathons uncomfortable. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a gold showerhead or a bling-bling princess bed without first ensuring quality or comfort.

Easy Way To Renovate Your Home

You can use the funds from a personal loan for whatever you want, which can help with home renovations. It allows you to use the funds to purchase lighting or bathroom fixtures, new home accessories, bedding, a dining set, or even to cover a portion of the renovation costs. To be sure, some stores will let you put your purchases on a credit card with a 0% interest payment plan. However, this is dependent on the type of credit card you have, the item you purchase, and whether or not your preferred store offers this plan. And you don’t want to put big-ticket furniture/appliance/electronics purchases on credit, only to rack up credit card interest. So, now that you know how to avoid home renovation mistakes, you can better plan your home renovation and save a great deal of money.


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