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by Priyadarshini 4 February 2022

Knowing how to calculate a vehicle loan payment is the first step toward making an informed decision on the best auto loan. Whether you choose to buy a new or used automobile, it is critical that you understand how to calculate your car loan payment. This crucial step will undoubtedly come in helpful when you search around and compare the various vehicle loans accessible in Singapore. In this blog, we discuss car loan payments Singapore.

Furthermore, understanding your total and monthly auto loan charges assists you to budget more effectively while also urging you to take a hard, closer look at your financial situation.

How much money can I borrow for a car loan?

The maximum amount you can borrow from a car loan is either 70% or 60% of the car’s open market value (OMV):

A motor vehicle with an OMV of S$20,000: maximum LTV is 70%
The maximum LTV for a car with an OMV greater than S$20,000 is 60%.

That being stated, you may or may not receive the whole loan amount that you are aiming for. Before deciding on the amount of auto loan you can qualify for, the bank or financial institution will consider your other debt responsibilities and payback ability. In addition, your car loan must adhere to Total Debt Servicing Ratio guidelines.

How do I compute car loan payments Singapore?

To utilize a car loan installment calculator or manually calculate your auto loan payment, you must first know the following information:

  • loan amount
  • Interest rate on loan
  • Loan duration/term

Analyzing Car Loan Payments Singapore

While it is always prudent to get a better idea of how much your monthly car loan installment will be and how much interest you will have to pay, keep in mind that various fees and charges, such as processing or administrative fees, early repayment fees, late payment charges, late interest charges, and so on, may also be applicable for your car loan.

It’s important to make good use of the information from your vehicle loan payment computation. Shop around and repeat the math process for each car loan you’re considering. Pay close attention to the total loan payment amount to obtain a good understanding of the ‘cheapest’ loan choice for you — don’t just go for the vehicle loan with the lowest monthly repayment amount without taking into account your loan length or total loan payment amount!

While you’re at it, remember to include car insurance in your budget for your vehicle. If you want to drive in Singapore, you must have car insurance. Just like you would shop around for a car loan, compare car insurance rates and the coverage and benefits that each offer.

How can I reduce my car loan payment?

Aside from looking for cheap interest car loans, other proven ways to reduce your vehicle loan payment include: reducing the amount you’re borrowing, (ii) shortening your loan term, and (iii) purchasing a less expensive car. Don’t underestimate the significance of doing your homework. Making the essential loan payment calculations and comparisons can assist you in making more informed financial decisions.

Consider whether the monthly payments are manageable and whether you have the financial resources to take on a shorter loan. In general, the longer the term of your loan, the more interest you’ll have to pay.

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