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by Priyadarshini 9 March 2023

Most people panic when they have to make an insurance claim. And your agent is only human and may not always be able to fulfill all of your wishes. To be safe, educate yourself on how to file claims under your insurance policies. In this blog, we tell you how you can file insurance claim Singapore. When a mishap occurs, you must first determine whether the event is claimable and, if so, under which policy. Your policy documents will contain this information

How to File Insurance Claim Singapore?

Personal Injuries

Personal accident insurance claims can be filed in a wide range of circumstances. So, it is best to consult with your agent or insurer about the supporting documents to submit. When you submit a claim form to your insurer, the process usually begins. You need to attach medical certificates, reports and summaries, healthcare bills, and police and accident reports, if available. Moreover, you need to submit a death certificate if you are submitting it on behalf of a deceased family member. The insurer will process your claim and contact you if additional information is required.

Critical illness Claims

For critical insurance claims, such as cancer insurance, you can file a claim as soon as you are diagnosed with a condition covered by the policy. Usually, you need to submit a form to your insurance company.  And that is either available on their website or via email from your agent or insurer. This will include a doctor’s statement that your practitioner must complete. Keep track of the supporting documents that must be submitted with your claim. This includes medical reports as well as lab or test results, etc.

Health Care (MediShield Life or Integrated Shield)

If you have MediShield Life or an Integrated Shield Plan (IP), you must notify hospital or clinic staff that you want to use your IP.  You can inform this at the hospital reception at the time of admission. Also, you can fill in a Medical Claims Authorization Form. Although you are not required to do so, it is a good idea to notify your insurer. The hospital usually files the claim. And the insurance company will pay their portion of the bill. The CPF Board will automatically deduct any amounts owed to MediShield Life from your account. You will then be billed for any outstanding amounts, which may include a co-payment.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance or Life Insurance (TPD)

You should notify your insurer as soon as possible if a loved one dies or if you become disabled. This is true regardless of whether you have term or life insurance. (Keep in mind that if you have term insurance, this event must occur within the insured term in order for a claim to be made.) You need to fill out a claims form and attach supporting documents such as a certified true copy of the death certificate and identification documents. If you are filing a claim on behalf of a deceased family member, you may be required to provide proof of your relationship, such as a birth or marriage certificate.

Claims for Disability Insurance (CareShield Life)

Under the CareShield Life scheme, Singaporeans aged 30 and above are automatically covered for long-term disability insurance. If you have a severe disability and are unable to perform basic functions, it will pay you a monthly income. However, in order to successfully file a claim, you must first schedule an appointment with a MOH-accredited severe disability assessor. This appointment will cost either $100 (if you visit the clinic) or $250 (if the assessor is making a home visit).

If you have bought CareShield supplement from private insurance, get your application forms with you to your appointment. The assessor’s job is to certify that you are unable to perform a certain number of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) in order to be eligible for the payments. She will assist you in submitting all necessary documentation to your insurer as well as the appropriate government agency.

Automobiles Insurance

If you are involved in an accident, you should call your car insurance company’s emergency hotline right away. Before any other parties involved manage to flee, take photos of the scene and any damage, as well as the license plate number, contact information, and insurance information of anyone else involved. Unless absolutely necessary for safety, do not attempt to move your vehicle until you have received specific instructions from your insurer. Your insurance company may also dispatch an inspector to the scene of the accident.

It is best to have your car repaired at a workshop authorized by your insurance company. The workshop should be able to provide you with documentation that you can include with your claim. Also, keep in mind that filing a claim will result in the loss of your No Claim Discount.  After the vehicle assessment, you can choose to file a claim or pay for the repairs yourself, whichever is less expensive.

Now you know how to file insurance claim Singapore for various insurance policies.

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