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by Priyadarshini 13 December 2023

It takes more than good logistics and a wonderful new job to relocate to a new nation and make it a success. Learn why cultural understanding is crucial to a successful migration. Every foreign transfer has one thing in common and that is you’re about to experience a whole different culture. It’s critical to immerse yourself in the local culture, habits, and behaviours before relocating. In this blog, we discuss how to be culturally aware when moving to a different country.

This cultural understanding will not only help you settle in and establish new friends. Also, it will also protect you from unwittingly socially ostracising yourself or upsetting or puzzling someone. Investing time and effort before, during, and after your first six months to ingratiate yourself and learn more can pay off handsomely.

How to Be Culturally Aware? 

Read About the Country You are Moving To 

Spend time investigating and researching your soon-to-be home in the months leading up to your journey. To begin, treat it as if you were planning a vacation. Learn about the country’s history, the languages are spoken, and the tourism hot spots and highlights. You may learn a lot by acquiring this fundamental knowledge. For instance, as historical influences and which elements of the country’s past, they are most proud of. Take some time to research the country’s political structure, as well as the major political parties in power, as well as the local police and government’s customs and behaviour.

Know the Local Laws & Regulations

You should also devote time to knowing local regulations, particularly if they differ from those in your home country. Then it’s time to brush up on your weather and climatic knowledge. This will influence a wide range of social behaviour and activities and the types of clothing worn.

Talk To Other Expats

There are a plethora of online tools and forums available to connect you to current or former expats with vital real-world experience of life in your new nation, regardless of where you are moving to. Reach out to them and attempt to learn as much as you can from their experiences, both positive and negative.

Soak in the Local Culture

Prepare to immerse yourself in local culture and let go of behaviours and apparel incompatible with your new environment. It’s time to go further into the culture and language now that you know the essentials and have some advice from individuals who have made the shift.

Learn the Local Language

Learning the language of your new country is one of the best things you can do to help you integrate and feel more confident about your relocation. Any language skills you can gain before you depart, whether through an app, textbooks, or classes, will be invaluable. As part of your study, you will most likely discover more about the culture.

Talk to a Local Expert

While you may have learned the basic ‘rules and practises of your new home nation, comprehending the core culture will take time and effort. You’ll need to speak and study with a local expert who can tell you the underlying “why” behind many of the behaviours and cultural preferences to reach this level of understanding. Learn about local religious practices holidays, customs, and attitudes by spending time in the area.

Be Prepared for Culture Shock

Regardless of how hard you work, you must be prepared for one last thing: culture shock. You will undoubtedly experience cultural shock once you arrive, regardless of how much research and preparation you have put in. You can’t prepare for some things, and one of them is the reality of living in completely other culture.

Immerse yourself in the local cuisine – practically every culture has a deep connection to its national cuisine, special dishes, or cooking techniques. Exploring the local cuisine, tasting new foods and ingredients, and possibly even learning to prepare a local dish will all help you bond with others you meet. These are the few ways on how to be culturally aware when you are moving to a new country.

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