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by Priyadarshini 10 December 2021

The most popular NTUC vehicle insurance product is called Drivo, and it comes in three options: Classic, Premium, and Prestige.
Drivo Classic will suffice if you don’t mind visiting one of the NTUC’s authorised workshops (there are over 30 of them). In this blog, read about NTUC car insurance review. 

However, if you have a new car that is still under warranty and your dealer’s workshop isn’t listed, you may want to switch to Drivo Premium. It allows you to visit any workshop. The most expensive Drivo Prestige plan is also available from NTUC Income. However it’s only for Porsche models: Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster, and 911.

NTUC Car Insurance Review

What Extras are Available with NTUC auto insurance?

Here are some options in case you need extra security for your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers during an emergency.

NCD Protector

If your No Claim Discount (NCD) is 30% or higher, you can select to put on this protector. This keeps your NCD intact in case you need to file a claim. NTUC will also give you NCD Protector for free when you renew NTUC car insurance for the third year if you acquire NTUC car insurance at 50% NCD for at least two years.

Excess waiver

If you choose this coverage, the excess of $600 will be waived. That means you’ll pay a higher premium, but you won’t have to pay anything if you make a claim because NTUC will cover the entire cost.

If your automobile is stuck in the workshop, you must pay an additional $50 daily transportation allowance. It’s only good for the first two claims you make, and only for up to seven days each time.

Motor Insurance Extension Rider

When you drive to West Malaysia, your NTUC comprehensive automobile insurance policy automatically covers you. If you frequently cross the border with your family, consider adding the Motor Insurance Extension Rider, which provides 24-hour referral services for road and medical help in the event of an emergency and covers any other listed drivers and passengers.

How might NTUC Income help you save money on vehicle insurance?

We have to acknowledge that NTUC Income auto insurance isn’t the most affordable option available. There are a slew of new, tech-savvy insurers vying for market share by offering lower premiums and more simplified processes. That’s wonderful news for us, because there are now a few methods to save money on auto insurance through NTUC Income.

NTUC offers one-time specials, such as the present Online Exclusive voucher giveaway, in addition to the typical NCD and loyalty discounts. With this NTUC car insurance review you know exactly the what you get if you buy this insurance policy.

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