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by Priyadarshini 13 March 2023

In this blog, we tell you about personal accident insurance plan in Singapore. There are many insurance providers in Singapore. And they offer a variety of insurance plans. You can choose one based on the coverage and your affordability.

Personal Accident Insurance Plan:

AXA SmartPersonal Accident Silver Insurance

AXA’s personal accident insurance plan not only covers you if you get into an accident but also allows you to purchase add-on benefits. This covers two other generations of your family. Hence, it is a good buy if you have kids and parents to look after. The plan provides the standard payout if you die or become permanently disabled as a result of an accident. As well as $2,000 to $6,000 in accidental medical expenses, depending on the tier of your plan.

You can also pay for extras such as daily hospital cash allowances. And recovery assistance for serious injuries. Furthermore, you can also purchase an optional Dependent Cover add-on. It allows up to two parents to receive a payout from your plan in the event that you die. The add-on also gives you up to $10,000 for each child for your children’s education fund. Additionally, you get up to $1,000 for the guardian of your children.

FWD Personal Accident Insurance Plan A

In addition to the standard payout, if you die or suffer a permanent total and partial disability, the FWD personal accident insurance plan includes TCM/other treatment expenses. Additionally, you also get coverage for physiotherapy expenses. Infectious viruses are on our minds these days and fortunately, this plan also provides protection against them. For example, infectious diseases such as Dengue and Covid-19.

If you are hospitalized for 5 days or more for one of these infectious diseases, you get coverage for medical expenses, daily hospital income (only if the sum assured is $500,000 or higher), and a daily taxi allowance.

MSIG Protection Plus Silver

The MSIG personal accident insurance plan offers payouts for death, total and partial permanent disability. As well as a wide range of other costs such as worldwide medical expenses. For instance, hospitalization cash benefits, and recuperation benefits. This plan is popular for paying out 150% of your sum assured if you are permanently and totally disabled. And 100% if you are permanently and partially disabled. It is a good choice for families with children, as it includes free coverage for up to three children when you sign up with your spouse.

Tokio Marine TM 365 Plan B 

Tokio Marine’s personal accident insurance provides $100,000 in case of accidental death or permanent disability. As well as up to $4,000 for medical expense reimbursement. You get twice the amount guaranteed if you die while riding public transportation. There are other benefits like a weekly income benefit for up to 104 weeks if you are temporarily total or partially disabled, recuperation or ICU benefits, and trauma support if you are permanently disabled and suffer from PTSD.

HL Assurance Family Protect360 Silver

As the name suggests, this HL Assurance personal accident insurance plan is for families with children. Apart from the standard protection from accidental death and permanent total disability, the plan also provides reimbursement for unexpected medical expenses. Moreover, you get payments for children’s education and parent support, and family cash relief. Children in the family get coverage for free. And the plan includes a unique 15% no-claims bonus for every 12 months you go without filing a claim.

ERGO AccidentProtect Individual Basic

The ERGO personal accident insurance plan offers a comprehensive set of benefits. In addition to the standard payout, if you die, the plan will pay out twice if the accident occurs on public transportation or during any natural disaster. For example, earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, or floods, etc. You also get 150% if you are totally and permanently disabled.

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