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by Priyadarshini 25 September 2023

Germany is one of the world’s most popular countries for expats. The country boasts of a strong economy and has a wide range of job opportunities.  Expats move here for growth in their career and for many Germany is a place to jumpstart their career. Many might not know that Germany has the third-largest number of immigrants in the world. In this blog, we discuss tips for moving to Germany.

The country is vast in size and comprises varied geographical characteristics. The overall vibe here is relaxed and laid back with people from all over the globe living and working here. It is a fairly modern country that offers high quality of life. For instance, Berlin is a mix of both cosmopolitan vibes and historical heritage. If you move to Germany, you will find a very contemporary lifestyle here. And this is one of the main reason why Germany is becoming so popular with expats.

Expats are drawn to the country because of many different reasons like the diverse landscapes, easy access to the rest of Europe, and progressive environmental policies. Not to forget the country offers excellent education and high-quality healthcare services.

Tips for Moving to Germany

Where do You Want to Live?

Germany is a vast country comprising of diverse landscapes. Here you will find rugged mountains, forests, artsy cities, cosmopolitan cities, and much more. There is something to suit everyone. The public transport system is well-connected and the commute is very easy. You may choose to live outside the city area and travel to work with no hassles.

Like all other countries of the world here too, the biggest cities are expensive to live in as compared to the outskirts or countryside. For instance, cities such as Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt are considered excellent places to live in. Also, in these cities, you will find good job opportunities and affordable living costs. If you are an expat moving to Germany with a job, then your job location will primarily decide where you live. The real estate market here is pretty competitive and you will find all sorts of options like large houses, apartments, studios, etc.

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Getting the Paperwork

If you are an EU citizen, then you will not require a visa to move to Germany. However, expats from the rest of the world will need a visa to work here. The country has a pretty strict immigration policy and you have to ensure you have all the correct documents to secure a work visa. There are various types of travel and working visas available for expats who wish to move to Germany. You may also choose to apply for a residency visa if you plan to settle in the country. We recommend you acquire German language skills as this is often a requirement there.

Education for Your Kids

Good news for expats moving to Germany! Public education here is free of cost and is of a high standard. Most Universities also have a free education in the country. Making Germany a favorable location for expats. Most German expats enroll their children in-state schools.

German Culture

The country is well maintained, clean roads, good infrastructure, and organized public transport. The culture here will be different from where you are coming from. And that’s a thing with most places all across the globe. To make the most out of your time here you will need to know the German language. People in Germany are punctual and they expect the same from others. The social scene here is awesome with a focus on quality time with friends and family. People here love to spend their time outdoors. German pubs are great places to hang out with friends or colleagues. You can eat traditional food and drink excellent beer. To be able to enjoy German life you must have some German language skills up your sleeves.

If you are moving to Germany, get in touch with our expert moving consultants. We can help with everything from getting your paperwork and visas to settling you in your new home. Our pro moving crew will make every step of your move easy & hassle-free.

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