How to Save Money in Singapore? | Credit Cards and Promotional Offers

Credit Cards | Singapore
by Priyadarshini 28 September 2023

Singapore is an expensive place and managing every month’s budget can be a tough job. But there are hacks to curtail your monthly expenses yet enjoy dining at restaurants and shopping from your favourite grocery store. Yes, there are ways by which you can spend less than S$10 and eat out at a restaurant. In this blog, we tell you about ways to save money in Singapore. Read on to find out more.

Save Money in Singapore

Plan Beforehand

Who doesn’t like to eat out at restaurants? But eating out every other day can bust out your monthly budget. You can check out apps like Burpple, Eatigo, etc. to get some promotional offers. Also, make sure you check out the social media handles of various restaurants. They have special promotions which you can use to get a handsome deal. Moreover, there are many credit cards in Singapore that offer awesome dining deals. You may also get rewards, air miles, and vouchers for paying with credit cards. So, check out credit card offers and sign up for one that suits your needs.

Use Student Cards

If you’re a student in Singapore, then your student card can be of immense benefit. Student cards have many promotional benefits. And we recommend you don’t shy away from using them. Many restaurants have discounts on set meals for those with student cards. So, it is a wonderful way to save some money and enjoy a good meal as well.

Special Discounts at Closing Time

In Singapore, if you visit supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. around the closing time, you are likely to get discounted prices for various items. Do check out the cooked food sections at Don Don Donki, NTUC, Cold Storage, and BBQ Express. You can get some delicious honey glazed wings, duck, and chicken char siew at a massive 80% off.

Freebies at Restaurants

This is a common practice almost everywhere. You can enjoy the complimentary things that you get when you visit any restaurant. For instance, tissues, condiments, zip lock bags, and reusable containers. So, be smart enough to take optimum advantage and sensible enough to not behave like a hoarder. Check out our blogs on credit cards in Singapore and get great deals on dining. It can help you save money in Singapore and yet enjoy a fancy lifestyle.

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