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by Priyadarshini 1 February 2023

Traveling is all about being open to the unexpected. Forget about raucous tour groups; unexpected interactions with nice people and unexpected discoveries. All of which makes your excursions worthwhile. In this blog, we tell you travel insurance checkpoints Singapore that you should look for.

Here’s things to look for when purchasing travel insurance to ensure you have peace of mind on your next holiday.

Travel Insurance Checkpoints Singapore

In the event of a car accident, there is a double indemnity

Self-driving a road journey is a popular thing now! Whether you’re driving down Australia’s Great Ocean Road or touring New Zealand’s North and South Islands, a standard accident plan won’t suffice when you’re behind the wheel, especially in a foreign nation. Choose a travel insurance policy that effectively covers you for traffic accidents while travelling abroad.

Driving on foreign roads at greater speed restrictions than you are used to can be an exhilarating experience. However, Singaporeans have been involved in accidents while driving abroad, so make sure you are adequately protected.

Terrorism is fully covered

Being an intrepid explorer often entails travelling to locations where few have ventured to tread. On the other hand, security may be lax in more exotic locations. Keep in mind that not every country is as safe as Singapore! Getting coverage for terrorism is an excellent idea in light of the recent incidents in Bali and Bangkok. Make sure your travel insurance policy covers you for nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Check the policy’s terrorist coverage cap as well. Is it modest with exclusions or complete coverage?

Emergency Evacuation

Is it possible if you’re in a medical emergency and need to be rushed home for medical treatment? Or if you’re being rescued from a terrorist attack? Evacuation will almost certainly be prohibitively expensive, and the last thing you want to be concerned about in an emergency is the cost. As a result, ensure that your travel insurance coverage not only protects you for evacuation, but also has suitable claim limits.

Also, always check to see whether the insurance company has any exclusions. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition that is not covered, it may refuse to evacuate you.

Assurance of prompt medical attention

It’s vital to know that no matter where you go, you can get competent medical treatment if you need it. It may be food illness, a broken bone from an erroneous bicycle trip, or something far more terrible. In any event, having the option of going to a hospital without worrying about the expense is a good thing. With a decent travel insurance coverage, you’ll be able to focus on getting the medical assistance you require, no matter where you are.

Travel / aircraft misconnection compensation

A missed aeroplane, train, or bus connection, will undoubtedly derail your plans. If you are travelling to an unusual or remote location, you may have to make many travel connections to reach your final destination. And this increases the likelihood of a travel misconnection occurring. This is especially true if you’re travelling on the cheap and are solely responsible for organising the administrative aspects of your vacation.

As a result, it is prudent to always ensure that your travel insurance coverage sufficiently covers you for airline and travel misconnections. This can relieve you of the burden of determining who is to blame and where to seek compensation if you miss a connecting flight or become detained at an airport for several hours. It also allows you to wait for your next aircraft or travel connection in comfort.

Always look for these travel insurance checkpoints in Singapore before buying an insurance policy.

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