What You Need to Know About Moving to Europe

Planning to Move to Europe

Europe is a vast expanse of land which covers more than 50 countries and offers diversity in culture, language, political and religious beliefs to the expats. If you are also planning to move to Europe with bag and baggage either for your work commitments or joining your family for forever, connect with APAC Relocation for a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

There are certain factors which make APAC Relocation stand out from the crowd. We enjoy a strong market reputation because of our professional attitude in dealing with inbound and outbound freight. We are the best international movers in Singapore and offers shipment modes like Air freight, FCL (Full Container) shipments, LCL (Less than Container) shipments, and Groupage/shared shipping to every part of Europe.

Modes of Shipments

At APAC Relocation customers can enjoy the flexibility of selecting modes of shipments. Every customer has different requirements in terms of budget and timeline and being the best international movers in Singapore, we understand this fact. Team APAC offers shipment modes like Air freight, FCL (Full Container) shipments, LCL (Less than Container) shipments, and Groupage/shared shipping to every part of Europe.

Air Freight

Air Freight shipments are picked up from client location, packed, and loaded to an aircraft within 48 hours of packing. Transit time does not take more than a day, but quarantine clearances and customs clearances at Europe destination can take approximately 4-5 days.This is one of the fastest and expensive shipment modes.

FCL – Full Container Load Shipments

This shipment method is beneficial for those people who have more than half a 20ft. container worth of goods to be shipped to Europe. Team APAC will book the whole container for shipment of your goods and there will be no involvement of freight forwarders which makes this shipment mode as one of the economical modes.

LCL-Less than Container Load Shipments

We are experienced movers and packers in Singapore and recommends LCL shipment service when people do not have enough volume of goods which can reasonably fill up space in a 20ft Container. Once the packing of client goods is performed in Singapore, client cargo will be sent to our freight forwarder who maintains a weekly sailing schedule. This is the second most expensive mode to ship freight.

Europe Moving Tips

Every country in Europe follows some restrictions with respect to what can be safely bought into the country and what items are prohibited.The most common restrictions include the transportation of automobiles, pets, liquor, firearms, illegal drugs, culturally offensive materials etc. To learn in detail about what to pack and ship overseas contact our overseas packer and movers consultants. Few items must be replaced at the destination instead of shipping since shipping of such items costs more.

Groupage Shipping

Groupage is the cheapest modes of shipment of goods to Europe. This type of shipment is usually beneficial where people are not in any urgency to ship goods or there is no stringent deadline to follow. The Groupage shipping method works for smaller shipments, i.e., shipments which are below half a 20ft Container to Europe. All the shipments are held in our warehouse after packing until the 20ft container is filled up.

Our services in other countries in Europe

We are one of the pioneers for providing international moving services to hundreds of expats, who move to Europe every year. Our experienced moving consultants will help you with every step of your international move. We are proud to be one of the best packers and movers in Singapore & we promise yo

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