Pros and Cons of Moving to Germany

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by Justin 6 December 2019

About Germany

Germany is one of the largest country in central Europe. Germany has its own unique and distinct culture. It is an influential country. The main language communicated here is German. People over here are very welcoming. Germany is known for engineering and high tech products. There are many historical regions here.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Germany

  • Germany is a beautiful and clean city.
  •  It is a safe city with low number of crime reported.
  • Standard of living is very good here.
  • Almost every weekend there are festival celebrations during summer. Few of the well known events are open air cinema, outdoor pools etc.
  • Germans believes in hobbies and almost every one has different hobbies.
  • If you are having an above average job, city is affordable comparing to other city.
  • If you are planning for long term job plans, Germany is the best place.
  • High quality beer and wine available here.
  • Traveling around various parts of Europe is easy, If you are staying there. Germany is close to other European countries.
  •  Germans are resistant to change.
  •  Taxes are little heavy here.
  •  Many business accepts cash only.
  •  Supermarkets are shut on Sunday. If you are planning to visit Germany. I would like to say it is a good option, There are many historical places and   festivals here.

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