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by Priyadarshini 30 November 2021

Perhaps you’re looking for a low-cost bicycle for commuting. Or perhaps you want to get in shape without paying $250 a month for a gym membership. Whatever your motivation for buying a cheap bicycle, you’re unlikely to be welcomed in many bike stores or cycling communities. In this blog, we tell you about affordable bicycles in Singapore.

Never mind that bicycles are the primary form of transportation for China’s peasantry. It’s a status symbol in Singapore, so expect to be scrutinized if you forego the $2,000 all-carbon, 25-speed behemoth for a $100 “market” bike.

Affordable Bicycles in Singapore
Carousell / Togoparts — a plethora of used bicycles

If you’re searching for a super cheap bicycle that you don’t mind leaving at the MRT station overnight. A used bike is the way to go, and the two greatest marketplaces for secondhand bicycles are Carousell and Togoparts. Carousell has a plethora of secondhand bicycles for sale in a variety of styles and situations. The majority of these bicycles come from people who have simply lost interest in cycling. And are forced to declutter, and/or have outgrown their bikes due to their children.

Basic “market” (cruiser) bikes for adults often cost $50 to $100. However, you should check to see if the bike is in good shape, or if it is more akin to “bicycle carcass was taken from HDB void deck.” It’s a good idea to budget an extra $50 in case you need to replace or repair the tyres, brakes, chains, and so on. Forum for cyclists Togoparts also sells secondhand motorcycles, but because it caters to enthusiasts, the costs are higher and consumers are more concerned with the brand. On the plus side, sellers who are actual sellers rather than parts-flippers tend to keep their bikes in better condition.

Aleoca — entry-level cruiser bikes

Given the risks of purchasing a used bicycle, you may want to consider purchasing a brand new bike instead. Despite recent price increases, Aleoca remains the most affordable bicycle brand in Singapore. The cheapest Aleoca bicycle on the market right now is their Hi-Ten Steel Folding Bike. It sells for $139 on their website. It’s not as portable as the pricier folding bike brands further down this list. But it’s inexpensive, utilitarian, and does the job.

If folding bicycles aren’t your thing, Aleoca also sells their conventional City Bikes for $149 on their website. These aren’t going to win any prizes, but they are a practical method to travel around your neighbourhood.

Decathlon offers bicycles for people of various ages and sizes

Decathlon is an excellent place to shop for a low-cost bicycle in Singapore, especially if you find that Aleoca-style bikes are too flimsy for you. If you’re on the larger/taller side, choose Decathlon over Aleoca because the bikes are created and tested for all sizes.

For city bikes and entry-level mountain bikes, Decathlon bicycles start around $200. However, in order to acquire a better selection, you should boost your budget to $300, which would give you more possibilities. Bike accessories, such as locks, baskets, and panniers, are very inexpensive, ranging from $10 to $30.

Rodalink offers low-cost Polygon mountain bikes

Rodalink is a small chain of specialty bicycle shops that are a step up from Decathlon or Giant. Because they cater to the more experienced bicycle enthusiast community, you get superior customer service and knowledge.

Don’t be scared off by the professionalism, but Rodalink carries some pretty inexpensive bicycle brands, most notably Polygon bikes, an Indonesian manufacturer known for producing really affordable mountain bikes

If you’re into mountain bikes, you’ll know how outrageously costly they can be in Singapore. Well into the hundreds of dollars. Given, uh, Singapore’s apparent lack of mountains, it’s a little surprising how crazy Singaporeans are with MTBs. These are some places where yu can buy affordable bicycles in Singapore.

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