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by Priyadarshini 7 September 2022

In this blog, we discuss Allianz Travel Insurance in Singapore

Allianz Travel Insurance Details

Allianz Travel is the unimaginative name for Allianz’s travel insurance. It is divided into three levels:

  • Bronze Allianz Travel
  • Silver Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Platinum Allianz Travel Insurance

You have three options depending on the length of your trip and the number of people travelling:

Single trip – A single trip lasting up to 180 days.
Annual multi-trip – An unlimited number of trips of up to 90 days each.
Family – Covers you and any dependent children or family members travelling with you, and is available for single trips and annual multi-trips.

Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage 

The price point for (ASEAN) Bronze plan is $49, the Sliver plan is $76, and the Platinum plan is $115. The price for (Asia) Bronze plan is $64, the Silver plan is $113, and the Platinum plan is $158. Lastly, the price (worldwide) stands at – Bronze pan is $115, the Silver plan is $117, and the Platinum plan is $241. 

Allianz Travel Insurance Claims

Travel insurance claims can be submitted online here. If you are travelling and require assistance, please contact Allianz Travel Insurance at +65 327 2215. Some customers have complained about Allianz’s nitpicky claims process. To avoid having your claim rejected, it is strongly advised that you call their emergency hotline for clarification on which documents you must submit.

Is it a good idea to get Allianz Travel Insurance?

The Allianz Travel Insurance plan is fairly straightforward. Coverage limits are comparable to the competition, but the plan is quite limited in that it does not cover outdoor activities or provide a hospitalization cash benefit. That would be fine if it were a budget plan, but it is actually quite pricey.

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