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by Priyadarshini 20 December 2021

So you have a particular occasion to celebrate, and a staycation won’t be enough! How can you plan a party that everyone will remember for the right reasons? Yacht rental could be the solution. Yacht parties are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. In this blog, we tell you about the best yacht rental reservations in Singapore.

Best Yacht Rental Reservations in Singapore


Yachtly differs from other yacht rental firms in that they can organize special events. Such as wedding and solemnization ceremonies, birthday parties, and corporate events in addition to renting out boats. You get a single quote for the entire event and don’t have to worry about being hit with additional fees after the fact.

They can accommodate small parties of 2 to 10 individuals, huge groups of more than 30 people, and everything in between. Their onboard amenities are also extremely extensive, and may include karaoke machines, gaming, and other entertainment options. Some ships have set itineraries, such as to Lazarus Island, and can even moor at specific locations where you can go for a swim. Others have flexible itineraries, allowing you to choose where you want to go.

Yachtly’s yacht rental rates are as follows:

A 50-foot yacht for up to six persons costs $559.81 for four hours.
55-foot boat with room for up to 23 guests – $2,150 for 4 hours.
$5,000 for 4 hours on a 63-foot boat for up to 50 passengers.

Luxury Yachting One15

One15 Luxury Yachting has a good fleet of 42 yachts that can accommodate 10 to 50 people, including motorized and sailing vessels, as well as catamarans and monohull yachts. They also provide charter. So, you don’t have to think about where to take the boat and can just sit back and let the captain and crew do their thing.

BBQ pits, fishing rods, kayaks, and, on larger and more luxury ships, music systems, TVs, and jacuzzis are among the amenities. On their website, they also offer specials and packages such as a 2-hour “cruise and chill” journey to Singapore’s southern islands for up to 18 people and a twilight cruise that concludes with a fireworks display at Sentosa for up to 10 people.

One15 Luxury Yachting yacht rental rates:

From $550++ for a 36-foot yacht for ten persons.
51-foot yacht for 30 passengers – starting at $3,000++
128-foot yacht for 50 passengers — starting at $10,500++

Keppel Bay Marina

Keppel Bay Marina features a limited range of yachts for hire, with capacities ranging from 8 to 50 passengers. They have a variety of monohulls and catamarans, as well as motor and sailboats. Each boat is equipped with a captain and, depending on its size, additional crew members. You can also request that food and beverages be provided.

Many of their larger boats have kayaks, fishing poles, beach toys, sound systems, TVs, and barbecues. On larger vessels, you can also purchase add-ons such as karaoke systems, limousine transfers, and special occasion decoration packages.

Prices for yacht rentals in Keppel Bay Marina:

$1,016 for 4 hours on a 40.8-foot boat for up to 8 persons.

Marine Bookings’ M-Barq

This is one of the best yacht rental reservations in Singapore. M- Barq’s main strength is that they have a large choice of yachts to choose from. Giving you the freedom to choose one that is ideal for the number of guests you expect, your budget, and the yacht type and features you want. They have anything from a little catamaran for up to 8 people to a massive yacht for up to 55 people. Catamarans and monohulls, as well as sailing yachts and motor yachts, are available.

Outdoor showers, kayaks, kitchen facilities, BBQ facilities, microwaves, snorkeling and fishing gear, sound systems, TVs, and other amenities are available on some yachts. In general, the more extensive the features, the larger the yacht. Professional crew members are provided with all yachts. If you don’t have your own itinerary in mind, they can also provide chartered itineraries as well as customized onboard cuisines.

M-Barq yacht charter rates:

42-foot yacht with enough for up to ten persons – $1,000 for four hours.
51-foot boat with seating for up to 50 guests – $1,900 for 5 hours.
75-foot superyacht with room for up to 55 people – $3,747 for four hours.

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