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by Priyadarshini 13 September 2023

Condo living symbolizes urban living in a global city like Singapore in more ways than one. There are lots of lovely options in Singapore’s dynamic condominium market, ranging from ultra-luxe furnishings and finishes to boutique ideas and cutting-edge modern living. In this blog, we tell you about luxury condominiums in Singapore

Luxury Condominiums in Singapore

Amber Skye

Keeping with the marine theme, the following item is all about improved coastal life without blowing your budget. Amber Skye is nearly a steal, with units starting at roughly $2 million (when compared to some of the other condos on the list). The Amber Road complex is easily identified by its unique wavy facade and blue-tinted windows, which were undoubtedly designed to suggest seaside images.

Beyond the gates, you’ll find an almost Olympic-size lap pool, wading pools, hammocks, and a BBQ area, all surrounded by a budget version of Gardens by the Bay’s Supertree, creating a relaxing paradise that makes you want to spend the day here. A gym, clubhouse, pavilion, and playground are also available. The freehold boutique condo provides a variety of unit types, ranging from 1- to 4-room flats, villas, and penthouses, with prices starting at $1,520 per/sf. One of the nicest aspects of the units is the huge open balcony, where you can set up an outside grill and enjoy a relaxed coastal BBQ atmosphere on weekends.

The Tanjong Katong MRT station (Thomson-East Coast Line) is just steps away from the condominium. Other important locations, including the CBD and Changi Airport, are only a few minutes away. However, we believe that the nicest aspect of Amber Skye’s location is its proximity to the unique charms of the East Coast neighbourhood.

The Interlace

One of Singapore’s most recognizable apartments is located in District 4. Instead of the usual soaring ivory tower shape, The Interlace resembles a toddler’s clumsily strewn-about mound of enormous Lego blocks. This one-of-a-kind design not only looks great but also performs a few useful functions. For one thing, the compound’s horizontal sprawl creates a village-like setting, cradling 8 shared courtyards to encourage more community living. Another thing you wouldn’t guess just by looking at it, but the Escher-esque design really follows a hexagonal pattern, with the 31 blocks housing a total of 1,040 units.

However, they are not all tiny shoebox rooms. Flats here range from 800 to 1,600 sq ft for 2-rooms (a normal 5-room HDB flat is roughly 1,200 sq ft) to 6,300 sq ft for penthouse units. You’ll have plenty of space whether you choose a 2-, 3-, or 4-room unit, a garden room, or a penthouse. The spaciousness of your home continues outside with vast sky gardens and open roof terraces. In keeping with the natural motif, The Interlace is located on a proposed green belt that will span from Kent Ridge to Mt. Faber. This award-winning condo has a gym, a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a workout zone, a BBQ area, a tennis court, a jogging track, a playground, a clubhouse, and event spaces.

Wallich Residence – Luxury Condominiums in Singapore

Do you want to know why Wallich Residence is on this list? Here’s an example. The property occupies floors 39 through 64 of Guoco Tower, literally standing tall above the competitors (Wallich Residence is one of Singapore’s tallest residential complexes). Expect nothing less than magnificent vistas of the island’s most prominent landmarks. Nothing like enjoying a hand-mixed highball while relaxing in the Sky Garden, watching the CBD glitter beneath you. Other than, well, a plunge in the property’s 180-meter-high infinity pool. By the way, that’s the elevation at which any Instagram photo automatically looks good.

Apart from the super penthouse (which, of course, has its own private elevator), there are four other penthouse units, as well as a collection of apartment units ranging from 1-room to 4-room configurations. You’re right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, so you’re covered in every way, from dining and shopping to clubbing and culture.

Scotts Square

There is no shortage of opulent condos on Orchard Road, but Scotts Square stands out for several reasons. The amazing location comes to mind first. Scotts Square is just minutes from three MRT stations (Orchard, Somerset, and Newton), and the CBD is only a 10-minute drive away through River Valley Road. Raffles Girls Schools and Chatsworth International School are adjacent, while recreational opportunities abound with the American Club and Tanglin Club nearby.

With some of Singapore’s biggest shopping malls directly on your doorstep, there’s no shortage of shopping and dining alternatives. However, accessibility alone does not create a home, and Scotts Square does an amazing job of shutting off the city by making effective use of flora and facilities. The rooftop pool, located 43 floors high, is a resident favourite, offering a fantastic view of the city and instantly removing any sensations of being caged up. A ground-level pool, drawing rooms for large meetings, a fitness studio, and a lounge area are also included, all cleverly fitted within the compound’s relatively small site size. This freehold property offers 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units, making it ideal for small families and city dwellers alike.

Le Nouvel Ardmore

For many of us, living near to nature entails pitching a tent in local parks. But if you’re wealthy enough to reside in a luxury condo, you have options. Options for being nestled in greenery without having to swat at mosquitoes — owing to the huge, floor-to-ceiling windows found in Le Nouvel Ardmore’s 4-room apartments and penthouse suites. This condo offers only two types of apartments, both of which are quite large. The 4-room units average 4,000 square feet and, at roughly $5,000 per square foot, have a starting price of around $20 million.

The low population density is the draw (apart from the ultra-luxurious living that is to be expected at this price bracket). There are just 43 flats total, distributed across 32 storeys, with an average of two units each floor (except penthouses, which occupy an entire level). This nearly guarantees that you will never meet large crowds in the condo, which is ideal for taking advantage of its various amenities such as the clubhouse, sculpture wall, swimming pools, playgrounds, and tennis court.

The Sail @ Marina Bay

How many condominiums can boast of being a part of Singapore’s “official” skyline? You know, the one that appears on every postcard ever produced, as well as innumerable tourist photostreams? The Sail At Marina Bay is an elegant organic form wrapped in navy blue glass and isn’t simply a gust of hot air. Everything works together to provide the perfect illusion of being sequestered away in your own perfect glittery world, from the modern furniture and fittings to the generous list of facilities to the incomparable views of the sea and the CBD. If you stare at the sunset for too long, you can practically hear Enya’s Orinoco Flow in the background – it’s that wonderful.

If you don’t have an expat friend residing there on corporate sponsorship (which is how I got in), condos start at a reasonable $1,700 per/sf. Choose from studios, 2-, 3-, or 4-room units, or go for the penthouse to impress all your trust-fund-baby buddies. As a tenant, you’ll have access to a gym, tennis courts, sauna and jacuzzi, a sky deck, and no less than four swimming pools.

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