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by Priyadarshini 24 December 2020

Buying a car automatically means you have to buy car insurance as well. It is risky to take your car on the road without buying car insurance. Unforeseen situations do not come with a warning, so be prepared beforehand. Make sure you have all the information on how to make a successful insurance claim.  Read this blog to know how to claim your car insurance in Singapore.

To claim car insurance is not a simple task. There are different scenarios that you could land up in, and it could have different impacts. Hence, you need to know the tricks of trade thoroughly. Also, ensure you have all the accurate information required to claim your insurance. Below we have explained two different scenarios and how it could impact your car insurance claim. Read on to find out more.

An Accident with another Car

No one wishes to be in car accidents or such unfortunate incidents but these are the realities that may happen when you drive. In case of a car accident with another car/ driver, there are two things that you need to know to claim your car insurance.

Number one, if in the accident you are the victim and the other driver banged the car into yours, you can –

  • Report the accident to your insurance company and they can claim it from the insurer of the other car. You can talk about this step with the other driver who is responsible for this incident.
  • In case you are at fault for the accident, keep in mind that your No-Claim Discount (NCD) may get hampered if you report the car accident to your insurer.

Car Accident because of You

This is common, it may happen to any of us at any given time. Also, it could be due to various reasons like carelessness, lack of attention, nervousness, or maybe because you were talking on your mobile phone. If you land up in a car accident and you know it’s your fault. So, first & foremost check for injuries.

Once you ensure you are fine then, take a look at the damages. For minor, superficial damages then it is recommended that you pay for it out of your own pocket. In case there are major damages, then you need to think wisely and make a decision. If you decide to claim the damages only then go ahead and report the accident to your insurer. Otherwise, it may affect your No-Claim Discount and you may have to higher premiums the next year. Keep this point in mind, to claim your car insurance in Singapore.

Basic Rules for Car Insurance Claim 

Whatever be the case, there are few ground rules to claim your car insurance. So read them as it will help you with a successful insurance claim. If you have decided to claim the insurance then firstly make it a point to call your insurer within 24 hours of the incident. Take as many as pictures you can, of the scene of the accident. Click closer shots of damages to your car, the surroundings, number plates, etc.

Wide-angle photos of the scene will give better clarity and context to your claims. Invest in a good dashboard camera to fully cover your bases. However, this is optional. Make sure you do not move the vehicle if not required. Talk to your insurance company first and then follow their guidelines, to claim car insurance. Do not forget to make a note of important details like NRIC numbers, car insurance company of other cars/ vehicles, contact number, name, and address of the other driver involved. Lastly, always get your car repaired from an authorized workshop to avoid any kind of dispute later. So now you know all about how to keep your four-wheeler protected and make a successful insurance claim!

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