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by Priyadarshini 24 December 2020

So, you plan to purchase car insurance in Singapore? Make sure you have the right knowledge on how to use your car insurance. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities with high premiums for car insurance. In most car accident cases, people are afraid to report it to the insurer as their premium might increase. However, we tell you how you can benefit from car insurance by taking the right steps. Read this blog to know what not to do to risk your car insurance claim.

Number one, Pictures that are of No Value

Well, you may know that taking photos of the accident scene is important to make a claim. However, in the rush of the situation, you end up clicking photos that are not of good quality. Hence, you end with a pile of pictures that are of no value. So keep the below pointers in mind –

  • Include important details like license plate in the photos
  • Give context to the photos by taking a picture of the whole scene
  • Include all the other vehicles in the scene.
  • Don’t take only zoomed-in photos which hardly make any meaning.
  • Have a steady hand and take focused pictures. Blurry pictures are a waste.
  • Take photos of damages and impact areas.
  • Take multiple photos of each area from different angles.

Number two, Do Not discuss Liabilities

This is the golden rule to make sure you have a successful car insurance claim. While you may be angered by the accident situation, or feel nervous. Remember not to discuss the liabilities with any other party involved in the incident and risk your car insurance. Keep a calm and composed mind and make sure you and your co-passengers are safe & sound.

Also, right after the accident you may need mental support and may not be in the right state of mind. So, do not rush into any decision-making at that point. Never indulge in payment for damages to third parties involved and own any sort of legal responsibility & risk your car insurance. The best thing to do is to leave everything as it is to your insurance company. They can be the best judge to assess the situation, damages, and who is responsible for it.

Number three, Not Collecting the Required Information

Your car insurance claim will be incomplete without you submitting the required details. Ensure you note down information like NRIC numbers, registration numbers, contact details, names, addresses of all parties involved. These are key to you claiming your insurance. If you find the parties involved are not co-operating with you then note down the vehicle numbers. If you forget to collect this information, you may end up in a dispute with your claims.

Take Too Long to Report Your Claim

Always remember that you need to report your car accident to your insurer within 24 hours of the incident. If you fail to report it within the stipulated time, then make sure you have a solid reason to back you up. Otherwise, you may risk your car insurance claim. Try to call your insurer and explain the incident that occurred.

Do Not Repair your Car in Unauthorized Workshops

While it is comforting to have help in the middle of a distressing situation, but do not accept help without knowing who you are receiving it from. Never repair your car in an unauthorized workshop just because they approached you. Not only it may risk your car insurance but you could also end up being scammed. So, if you are faced with a car accident situation, first dial your insurance company’s hotline number. Follow their guidelines & your car insurance claim will be in safe hands.

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