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by Priyadarshini 24 December 2020

Good car insurance can be a life-saver if the situation arrives. Of course, we all want to avoid accidents and mishaps. However, we have to be prepared for unforeseen situations. A car is an expensive purchase you make with your hard-earned savings. So, we have to cover all bases to make it a safe ride! When buying car insurance most of us are focused on the price but there are many more factors which you should consider. Read this blog to learn what to look for when purchasing car insurance and factors to look beyond price.  

Professional & Friendly Insurance Claim Staffs

One of the most important factors to look beyond price the kind of staff/ teams the insurance company has. While most of us only depend on the cost part of the insurance, however, budget car insurances will do you no good if you are unable to make your claim. Look for an insurance company that has good, friendly teams you can communicate with. The claiming team of any insurance company is of primary concern to you as they are the ones to process your claim.

If you are faced with a claim team who is not patient enough to listen to your issues, then it is a red flag! In distressing situations, you need communication services teams who are patient, friendly, and provide accurate clarifications to you. A good claim team staff will help you calm down and assist you with a smooth insurance claim procedure. 

Look for Insurances with Low NCD Penalty Charges

NCD or No-Claim Discount on one hand can be used as an advantage. But it may also increase your premium on the other hand. So, we recommend you look for insurance companies that provide car insurance offers with low penalty charges for NCD claims. Most car insurers impose high penalty charges on NCD claims so, you have to dig deep and research thoroughly before you buy car insurance. Low NCD charges are a big relief for drivers and it will help you in times of need. As the whole idea of car insurance is to have a safety net when things go wrong! This is one of the factors to look beyond price. 

24/7 Assistance 

This is a very crucial factor to look for beyond prices. When you buy a car and decide to take up car insurance, do keep this point in mind. Primarily, because mishaps do not alert you before coming your way and it can happen at any time of the day or night. In case of accidents during odd hours, it will be of prime importance if you have customer service or assistance from your insurer. Look for insurance companies that have services like 24/7 customer services or emergency hotline services.

Services like these can come to your rescue at the spot of the accident or if your car breaks down. Nowadays, you will find many insurance companies that provide a smart sensor device that can alert the emergency services team and provide quick help. So, consider these factors and try to look beyond the price of insurance cover. 

Pushing the Envelope 

All businesses today are mostly dependent on the customer service they provide. Try to look beyond price and choose a better service. So, before buying car insurance make sure you choose it from a company that is willing to walk that extra mile when required. The situations you could land up in are varied and unexpected. For instance, it could settle claims for an accident, claims for theft of the car, or legal issues. It would be of great benefit if your insurer is willing to push the envelope & help you when need it most. 

Added Benefits

Many insurance companies provide some added features or benefits to car insurance. So, compare a few insurance policies to get a better idea. Added benefits are like some extra perks you receive for your car protection. For instance, if your car is heavily damaged some insurers have a replacement of a damaged car with a brand new car, windscreen protection, No-Claim Discount without any excess charges, and many more. So, look thoroughly and research the insurance market to choose the best car insurance policy for yourself!

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