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by Priyadarshini 30 November 2021

ClassPass launched in Singapore in mid-2018, with a variety of fitness offerings spread across numerous gyms and studios across the island. It is an appealing concept for someone like me who was previously tied to a single gym membership. In this blog, we tell you about ClassPass gym membership Singapore.

With just one subscription, you can now drop in for any available session on ClassPass’ network. Without having to sign up for different gym memberships. Here are six reasons (plus a bonus!) why ClassPass gym membership Singapore is a cost-effective complement to my training routine:

ClassPass Gym Membership Singapore

ClassPass offers a variety of plan options

It has something for everyone, whether you are a gym bunny, or just once a week type of person, you will find something for everyone here. Those who wish to exercise once or twice a week can choose the $59 plan, which offers 25 credits to schedule up to seven lessons. If you appear to be an Energizer battery, go ahead and select the top tier plan for $315 – you will receive 150 credits to schedule up to 45 lessons (that’s 1 to 2 classes every day!). The best aspect is that you can adjust your plan at any time to fit your needs.

There’s no reason to slack off on your workout routine now that you have ClassPass. And for those who enjoy going to the gym, this actually opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.

The allure of ClassPass credits is that they function similarly to a worldwide fitness currency in that they can be spent anywhere in the world. Even if you signed up for the ClassPass Singapore subscription, you can use your credits to attend classes in Portland, Oregon in the United States; Paris, France; London, United Kingdom; or Bangkok, Thailand! And you may do it without knowing the native language or even while in transit without spending a dime. Simply launch the ClassPass app, and it will auto-generate your location, displaying the finest classes in your area.

ClassPass allows you to work out at nearly 500 studios throughout Singapore

Here are some mental gymnastics: The ClassPass network includes around 500 studios in Singapore alone. Take that and multiply that by 28 nations and over 2,500 cities. You’re most likely looking at millions of classes around the world. That is incredible!

In any case, ClassPass subscribers in Singapore can use their subscription to test out numerous workouts (unlike some singular gym memberships that restrict its members to specific class packs or tiers like premium, regular, etc).

With ClassPass, you may save up to 70% off studio drop-in rates

If you are a frequent drop-in class attendee, having ClassPass will save you a lot of money. In fact, when you book classes with ClassPass instead of paying the standard drop-in cost, you can save up to 70%. It’s the best of both worlds, after all!

ClassPass gym membership Singapore is based on credits

The credit system is agnostic. This means that the value of one credit remains constant — only the number of credits required for each class changes. So, because the ClassPass membership is based on credits, they may be utilized at any class or gym… You can try as many as you want!

It’s a fair method that takes into account the type of session you’re booking, the popularity of a class, equipment/facilities, and other factors. A 1-hour session in a gym (without a teacher) often does not cost as much as megaformer pilates. Going to a class during off-peak hours can also be less expensive than going after work in the evenings.

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