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by Priyadarshini 27 January 2022

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Singaporeans are prepping for it in full vigor. This Chinese New Year, Singaporeans are paying for three things. We tell you about CNY Services in Singapore.

CNY Services in Singapore

Delivery by Steamboat

Understandably, steamboat is a favourite culinary option for the yearly reunion meal. Something about having everyone hunched over the hotpot shouts “togetherness.” Furthermore, nothing is more convenient than requiring your guests to prepare their own meals. Many Singaporeans nowadays don’t even have the time or inclination to go to the grocery and buy raw food for the steamboat machine. That’s why hotpot delivery services like Homely Pot (which includes a free 2-3 pax pot) and Hotpot Master (which includes a $10 pot rental) are so popular during CNY.

These people will drive to your house and drop off soup stock and supplies, which you can then use to entice your visitors to join you in the hotpot. However, expect to pay close to $300, if not more, to feed a family.


CNY, whether you like it or not, entails a lot of travelling. If you don’t have a car and need to visit several relatives, you’d better hope they all live near MRT stations, or you’ll be spending a lot of time on the road. As a result, it’s a comfort that public transportation hours will be extended on the night of Chinese New Year when ethnic Chinese flock to their relatives’ houses for reunion supper (and the rest of the country parties at Clarke Quay). That means you’ll be able to ride the bus or MRT home even if you’re up late listening to your aunts and uncles’ stories.

Expect snarled traffic and crowded public transportation on the first and second days of Chinese New Year as people from all across the island compete for road space en route to their relatives’ homes. Taxis will also be in low supply, and Uber will likely see surge pricing.

Rental of a Luxury Vehicle

Many young people suffer around Chinese New Year as they are scrutinized by judgmental aunties who never fail to compare them to Cousin Aloysius, who graduated from Cambridge and now drives an Audi. To battle such situations and keep their heads held high, some people have resorted to renting fancy cars for Chinese New Year in order to drive up to their relatives’ homes in style. Then there are those who believe that arriving in a Porsche is “auspicious.” A Honda Fit rental for seven days often costs more than $700, while a Mercedes CLA200 AMG rental costs over $1,800. At these costs, you’d better hope your family is sufficiently impressed.

Make use of these CNY services in Singapore and have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends.

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