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by Priyadarshini 12 April 2023

Kids are many things, they can be cute, bratty, or both. But they are always pricey. At least in Singapore, where maintaining any human being is prohibitively expensive. And especially when enrichment sessions are required. In this blog, we tell you about enrichment classes for kids in Singapore. 

What are Enrichment Classes?

You want to do more than just keep your child alive as a parent. Parents want to offer children a good chance in life and success. Whatever that means to you. As a result, many Singaporean parents are now spending large sums of money on their children’s enrichment lessons in the hopes that their children would become jiu-jitsu champions. And programming whizzes in addition to President’s Scholars.

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in enrichment programs but want to make sure it’s a wise investment, here are five sorts of extracurricular classes that could wind up saving you or your child money in the long run.

Enrichment Classes for Kids in Singapore:

Music classes for children

Okay, not all of your children will grow up to be the next Lang Lang. However, there are some compelling reasons to allow kids to take music lessons. While they are young and able to absorb information quickly. Learning to play an instrument can provide your child with an enviable source of extra cash when he is older. Singaporeans have been known to pay large sums of money to put their children through piano and violin exams. And there is no shortage of pupils, both young and old, who wish to pursue these instruments.

Furthermore, if your child studies a classical instrument and achieves a reasonable level of proficiency by the time he takes the PSLE, he can apply for the Music Elective Programme. This program will allow him/her to take music as an O-level subject. Also, it will also provide you, his/her adoring parent, with a school cost subsidy.

Private music enrichment sessions are the most efficient and effective way to ensure that your child learns as much as possible. However, group lessons might be beneficial in the early stages when your child is still a toddler. For weekday classes, a three-month term at Yamaha costs $401.25.

Classes in phonics

Despite the fact that many Singaporeans speak a muddled mix of languages known as Singlish, learning to read and pronounce English properly is the first step in obtaining a solid education in Singapore. As a result, phonics enrichment programs may be a worthwhile investment. Reading is essential not only for acing the English subject, but also for comprehending Mathematics, Science, and, in secondary school, History and Literature. Enabling your child to read also helps them develop a passion for learning through reading.

Workshops on coding

Kiasu parents are scrambling to enroll their children in coding classes. And, well, we have to confess that if this is the key that piques your child’s interest in tinkering with computers, it could serve him well in the future. That’s because coding is not only a great method to get high-paying freelancing work. But it can also be the key to further studies in computing or software engineering, as well as the start of a rich profession. If your child develops a true enthusiasm and decides to expand his abilities on his own.

Workshops on financial literacy

Understanding how to count is not the same as understanding how to handle money. While our children may be mathematically gifted, this does not imply that they understand how to budget, save, and spend sensibly. Going to a one-time financial literacy class where the children may learn via play may be a worthwhile investment for you. Perhaps your youngster will stop asking you for extra pocket money when it isn’t even Thursday and will become more financially independent.

These enrichment classes for kids can help children develop a strong personality and hone their creative skills. 

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