Expats Moving to Dubai | Things You Should Know Before Moving to Dubai

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by Priyadarshini 30 July 2021

Dubai might be regarded as the expat capital of the globe. With 94 percent of its population being expats. Hundreds of thousands of people visit each year to enjoy the richness and lifestyle. This includes luxurious hotels, enormous houses, and blue beaches. If you are looking to relocate to Dubai, then read this guide for expats moving to Dubai. Before you move to Dubai, be sure you have all of the necessary documents. The type of residency visa you’ll need is determined by where you’re coming from. However, practically all visas are based on a job contract. All visa applicants must undergo a medical examination and tests.

Are you an Expat Moving to Dubai?


Dubai’s high-end lifestyle isn’t cheap. As a result, it’s critical for expats relocating to the emirate for work to negotiate a  good wage package.  Your incomes accounts for both your expenses and your skills and experience. Many people are influenced by the high tax consequences here. But they forget that as an expat, you will have a new set of financial obligations. Whether or not you have a large tax bill. Employers frequently include a relocation incentive or payment, as well as a yearly flight allowance. Sometimes they also get money for education or childcare, and even money for your housing bills. Most importantly, be sure your job offers you and your family a decent quality health insurance plan. Remember, as a Muslim country, that Friday is the day of relaxation.

Settle in Your New Home 

Along with the typically high cost of living, accommodation is the most expensive aspect of living in Dubai. The bulk of available accommodations are furnished luxury flats and condos, which are costly but almost usually feature a gym, security, and a pool. It’s normal to be asked to pay 6–12 months’ rent in advance. However, if you’re lucky, your new work will include housing provided by the business. If at all feasible, begin your search for a new house towards the start of the summer, when rental prices are lower due to increased demand. When looking for a place to stay, only work with agents who are members of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera). Consider moving out of the city and into more suburban areas if you need more room. You can find peaceful residential places within a comfortable commute to work thanks to good public transportation links.

Know The Culture 

There are significant distinctions in social standards and law that you’ll need to comprehend and adjust to as a Muslim country. It’s crucial to dress modestly and be respectful of the Muslim community. There are also strict laws around affection, public behaviour, drinking, and smoking. When you move to Dubai, the best thing you can do for yourself is to spend time learning Arabic and learning about Islamic culture. More than finding a new house or figuring out how to get about, cultural awareness will help you settle in quickly and avoid problems. So, if you are an expat moving to Dubai, you know exactly what your new home will feel like. Prepare for your move & get in touch with us for the best-in-class international moving services.

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