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by Priyadarshini 5 May 2023

Relocating internationally for those expats with a teenager can be challenging. Your international relocation can quickly turn into a minefield of emotions, whether they resent the idea of moving to a new country or are concerned about missing out on the fun happening back home. We tell you how you can juggle both your career as well as your teenage child and make a successful move when relocating to a new country. In this blog, we discuss about expats relocating with teenagers.

Relocating abroad with teenage children can be a challenging task at hand. You need to be patient, observant and understanding of your child’s emotions and circumstances. While on one hand, the move may be important for your career, on the other hand, you need to be careful about your teen’s needs as well. Balancing the two and making a successful move is tricky. Read the below tips to make your moving process easy and stress-free!

Tips for Expats Relocating with Teenagers:

Communicate with your Child

If you have recently announced that you will be moving abroad, your child may be hesitant to approach you and express their feelings. To avoid this, it is critical to maintaining as much open communication with them as possible from the start. This is especially true if the idea of moving abroad came as a surprise. If this is the case, it is vital that they understand why they are moving, whether for work or pleasure. It will help them understand why the move is taking place, allowing them to process the information and even come up with their own goals.

Keep a Positive Attitude

The first step in making the moving process easier for everyone is to encourage the teens in your family to remain positive about the move. Instead of focusing on the negatives, consider the positives. Moving abroad has several advantages, including the opportunity to gain insight into a new country as well as the opportunity to travel. The relocation could help your child’s future prospects, depending on what they hope to achieve in the coming years. Try to discuss things with them. Explain to your kids the upcoming requirement they may face ahead in their careers. Employers are looking for individuals who have successfully demonstrated their ability to adapt, so this is now more important than ever.

Give your Teen the Space he or she Needs

It is understandable that your child may withdraw from their friends or even from you while adjusting to the idea of moving abroad. While it is important to give them the space they require to process the change, it is also critical that he/she knows you are there for him/her. Lend them a helping hand with adjusting to the new change, circumstance, and life in a new place.

Follow Through on your Plans

Once you’ve made the decision to relocate abroad, stick to your plans, no matter how your child feels. Instead of dismissing the idea of your teen moving abroad, look for ways to overcome the challenges he or she may be concerned about. Encourage them to research where you will be moving to put their minds at ease. They can learn more about what the country has to offer by doing so, which can help to foster optimism and even excitement. While telling your child that you intend to move abroad with them is difficult, there are a variety of ways you can support them during what may be a difficult time. We hope these tips help expats relocating with teenagers and make their international move a successful one!

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