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by Priyadarshini 5 May 2023

Owning a pet in Singapore is costly, especially if your pet suffers from medical ailments that necessitate frequent vet appointments. This happens more frequently in the case of many poorly bred pedigree dogs. If you’re a new pet owner (or considering becoming one), we tell you about the renowned vet clinics in Singapore.  Here’s a price list of some of Singapore’s most popular vet facilities.

Renowned Vet Clinics in Singapore

My Family Vet (Bukit Batok)

The consultation fee here starts at $25. It is located on Bukit Batok East Ave 4 beneath an HDB unit. Despite being in the heartlands, it is also quite close to Upper Bukit Timah. My Family Vet is one of Singapore’s most cheap clinics, with basic consultation rates of only $25 (up to $40 for prolonged appointments). Dr. Vanessa Lin developed the clinic, and she also provides “Chinese medicine therapy” for pets. Their pricing for tooth scaling is inexpensive, starting at $420 for small canines. The cost of the scaling is $250, and the blood test is $170. The prices (and cost breakdown) can be found on the price list online.

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Frankel Veterinary Centre (East Coast)

The basic consultation fee stands at $35. It is the second cheapest vet center, which offers basic consultations for $35. Frank Vet’s dental scaling prices are also among the lowest, at $294.25 including blood tests. Alternatively, the blood tests alone could cost you $200. Dental scaling costs $214 at Frankel Vet, plus $80.25 for blood testing. This is extremely rare considering Frankel Vet Centre is between East Coast and Siglap. The area is known for its pretty upscale residential districts.

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Monster Pet Vet (Tanjong Pagar)

It offers consultations starting at $36. Monster Pet Vet is located near the CBD, which is unusual for a veterinary practice. Prices start at $36 for a basic consultation, similar to The Joyous Vet, but are $10 to $15 higher for senior vets. Monster pet vet sees many kinds of (legal) pets, including reptiles and terrapins, in addition to dogs, cats, and creatures. Dr. Song V-Lynn and Dr. Song I-Lynn are sisters who run the clinic.

The Joyous Vet (Choa Chu Kang)

Here you get consultation charges starting at $35. The Joyous Vet has two locations, both in western Singapore (Choa Chu Kang and Yuan Ching). Your bill at The Joyous Vet depends on which veterinarian you see. Dr. Wong Chuan Ning and Dr. Grace Heng are two senior veterinarians who charge somewhat more than the customary $35 consultation fee. Prices start at $35 during off-peak hours and rise to $55 during peak hours. Dr. Heng is an excellent small animal vet if you need one for your pocket buddies. Their dental scaling fees are typical, at $458 (plus $273 for a blood test).

Island Veterinary Clinic (Jurong and Bedok)

At this clinic, consultations start at $38. Island Vet Clinic has two locations in Singapore, one in Jurong and one in Bedok. Weekday fees start at $38 for a basic consultation but rise to $50 on weekends. Dental scaling here, on the other hand, can be rather inexpensive. In addition to your pet’s weight, they price it based on your pet’s dental condition. If the process is relatively simple for a tiny dog, it can cost as little as $255 ($155 for scaling, $100 for blood testing). You can also check the basic price list on their website.

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