Facials Treatments in Singapore | Are DIY Facials Worth the Try?

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by Priyadarshini 13 October 2020

Who doesn’t want to look youthful and beautiful forever? But in today’s world beauty comes at a price, at a very hefty price! Facial treatments in Singapore are exorbitant, renowned salons and spas will cost you anything around $150- $200. That’s a dent in your pockets.

Are facials worth the price or you can get a DIY Facial for cheaper?

Read the blog to find out about facial treatments in Singapore and what suits you.

To begin with, facials are not that complex as the salons make it look like. Fancy clinics use hi-tech machinery to do the magic on your skin but facial could be done with fairly low-tech amenities too. All you need is skincare products and some simple tools to get a facial done at home.

Cost of Facials in Singapore?

In Singapore, the prices for facials in any mid- to high-end salons will be around $150 to $200. However, if you get a package or choose multiple services then you may get a discount.

Facial is pretty simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Cleansing, to remove dirt or makeup
  • Exfoliation or steaming, to soften your skin
  • Extraction for pimples, and white/blackheads
  • Mask application, to calm your skin
  • Toner and moisturizer application, to give your skin the required moisture and finish off.

Once you are in the salon and the aesthetician is discussing with you what your skin needs and which treatment is best for you, before charging you a bomb, you need to beware of upselling. The aesthetician will add all kinds of treatments on top of the basic package you choose and your facial treatment will burn a hole in your pocket! This scenario is most likely no matter which spa or salon you go to.

Discounts for Facials?

Well, for starters, try going for affordable neighbourhood salons. This might not be the best possible option however, you can look for recommendations and reviews online before hit your local spa. Be very careful, because a lousy job could land with scars or inflamed skin. Alternatively, you can look for promos or online coupon codes for many renowned spas and salons.

DIY facials? Worth a try?

Most women have a whole unit in their dresser filled with skincare and beauty products. You will need to pick a few simple tools to carry out your facial treatment at home. If you need certain beauty products, then you can get them too.

If you have your basic cleansers, toner, and moisturizers (which most likely you’ll have), in addition to that you will need some exfoliator, face mask, alcohol swabs, and a metal rod extractor. The prices of these products will depend on the brand you buy, if you opt for drugstore brands then the money you shell out will be a lot less as compared to high-end brands.

However, even if you opt for branded products you will have our facial kitty ready within $90. The good thing is that the products will last for a long-time and not just one facial session.

So, pick what you like! No more willing to shell out double the money at high-end salons, are you?

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