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by Priyadarshini 30 November 2022

Travel insurance provides a combination of personal accident protection, medical benefits, and reimbursement for any inconveniences that may arise during your trip. Different insurers provide additional benefits as well, but these are usually more situationally useful. In this blog, we tell you about the top three factors for travel insurance coverage. 

Because there is no standardization as to what benefits travel insurance plans must include and how much they must cost, travellers must sift through a plethora of different providers and plans to find the ones that meet their needs, preferences, and budgets.

Top Three Factors for Travel Insurance Coverage

Overseas Medical Expenses

If you sustain a serious injury or illness that necessitates hospitalization, your vacation could end up draining your bank account. As a result, one of the most important features of any travel insurance policy is overseas medical coverage, which pays for medical treatment and hospitalization (including emergency care and life-saving surgery). Some plans also cover hospitalization and treatment expenses incurred while receiving follow-up care in Singapore.

Overseas medical coverage should also cover the costs of an emergency evacuation (transportation back to Singapore for treatment) and repatriation (bringing a body back for final rites), both of which can easily cost several thousand dollars or more.

Personal accident insurance

In the event of death or total and permanent disablement as a result of an accident or injury, while travelling, personal accident coverage in a travel insurance plan provides a lump sum payout. Some insurers offer double or extra payouts in certain circumstances, such as when taking public transportation – this significantly increases the amount received.

It is intended to assist survivors in dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic event and should not be confused with overseas medical coverage, which is intended to deal with an emergency as it occurs.

Travel Delays

Travel annoyances (delays and curtailments, cancellations, loss of luggage)
Travel inconveniences is an umbrella term that refers to the various payouts and reimbursements you can claim if certain incidents occur while travelling. They are roughly divided into three categories:

  • Travel disruption
  • Trip cancellation or postponement
  • Luggage loss or delay
  • Benefits of Travel Delay

You find yourself stranded (at the airport or elsewhere) due to flight delays or diversions, over-bookings or missed connections, and now have to pay for additional accommodation and meals.

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