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by Priyadarshini 29 September 2023

Switzerland is famous all across the globe for its beautiful landscapes. Here you will find gorgeous mountains, famed ski-slopes, snowfall in the winters, and delicious cheese & chocolates. However, for someone who wants to move to Switzerland to live here, there is much more to the country than just its scenic beauty. The Swiss Confederation is one of the most popular expatriate countries in Europe. It boasts of a booming economy, a brilliant job market, high salaries, and a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. And that is the reason why people from all around the world move here. In this blog, we discuss tips for moving to Switzerland.

The country has something for everyone and it offers an excellent lifestyle. There are four official languages here – German, French, Italian, or Romansh. Most expats live in either Geneva or Zurich. But other places here also have a lot of offers. Switzerland has a very high standard of living and if you move here, you will surely enjoy Swiss life!

Tips for Moving to Switzerland

Where do You Want to Live?

Once you have secured a job and visa, the next thing on your list will be to find your home. The city you live in will be dictated by your job. If that’s not the case with you then you can choose where to live according to your preference.  You could choose an area near the rolling fields or lakes, to excellent ski slopes, here you can find your home in your dream surrounding. But all said and done, house hunting can be a daunting process. Also, it is the most important step of your international move. Renting a house here is common with both the natives and expats. The real estate market here offers great properties, but all of them come at a high price.

Moving to Switzerland from Singapore

Getting the Paperwork

The first step for any international move is that you have to get your documentation done. You need to apply for and obtain the required visas.  Your visas requirements and the process will depend on the country you are coming from. However, for most EU citizens and EFTA nationals there are no visas required to work in Switzerland without a visa. But you will still need to apply for a residence permit.

For expats from the rest of the world, you will need a work visa, a university degree, and work experience to secure a job here. Also, most employers require a certain level of language skill in either German, French or Italian. For those interested in permanent residency, you will be more are eligible to apply for Swiss permanent residency after living in the country for 12 years and more.

A Good Income

Expats usually move to a different country for better income opportunities or a promotion or raise in the current job. Especially, people moving to Switzerland do count on higher income opportunities.  The cost of living in the country is high so make sure to score a good salary if you get a job here. Always calculate the cost of living you will have to incur before understanding what could be a decent salary for you. The country has a strong demand for highly skilled expat employees.

Education for Your Kids

The Education system in Switzerland is brilliant. Students from all over the world come here for their university education. Education standards are so high that some of the best schools are public schools, and well over half of the Swiss population sends their students to state institutions.

Overall there are many pluses for moving to Switzerland. Expats will get better quality of life, higher educational standards, and excellent healthcare facilities. The lifestyle here is environment friendly which means less pollution and clean air. Swiss people strongly focus on reuse and recycle.

If you are moving to Switzerland, get in touch with our expert moving consultants. We can help with everything from getting your paperwork and visas to settling you in your new home. Our pro moving crew will make every step of your move easy & hassle-free!

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