Moving to Hamilton City (New Zealand) – Relocation Guide

by Justin 17 May 2019

Hamilton is the 4th largest city in New Zealand. It is an inland city. Hamilton is a small city with warm and friendly people. Population of the country is 150000 people. Hamilton is a beautiful Location.

Hamilton Weather

Hamilton gets colder than other places in New zealand, during winter season. The place gets foggy during this season. Hamilton city has got a good summer.

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Hamilton comprises of pre-school/kindergartens, elementary/primary, high schools and also has it’s own university. It is one of the best places in Ireland.


General jobs are present here. For people looking for their dream job, this place is not recommended.


Basic necessity of life is available here. New trendy gadgets or special items are not present here. All the basic requirements can be got here.

Getting Around.

No trains are present here. There is a pubic bus service present here. There are also taxis present here but they are very expensive.  Public transport network is very small. Hamilton is a small city, in case of emergency you can walk through the street.


Hamilton is a great place to raise a family. The family life here is amazing. This is a peaceful and calm place. There is a very low traffic here and hence it is a lovely place to travel with your family. It is a short and easy to get to Rotorua, Taupo, Mt Manganui, Tauranga and Auckland.

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