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by Priyadarshini 4 February 2021

Malaysia is a beautiful country with expats from all over the world living. There are many big, urban, cities in the country with big MNC’s having their offices in the country. Malaysia offers you a multicultural, and diverse environment. Have you thought of moving to Malaysia? If you are planning to move to Malaysia, then read below. In this blog, we discuss six must-know things before you move to Malaysia.

Six Must-Know Things  Before You Move to Malaysia

English Speaking Folks

Malaysia being a multi-cultural country has people from different parts of the world living and working here. So, you will find most people speak English and you will have less/no issues communicating with people here. However, the official language of the country is Malay, also called Bahasa Malaysia. That said, while traveling or commuting you will find all information, signs & symbols, menus at restaurants, etc. are in English.

The country has Two Regions 

One of the six must-know things is that Malaysia is actually split into two regions. One is known as Peninsular Malaysia and the other is called Malaysian Borneo. However, both the regions are connected through land and are distinctly different than one another. Malaysian Borneo is dominated by natural beauty and heavy flora and fauna while Peninsular Malaysia has more modern cities and urban views.

Excellent Internet Accessibility 

Well, when you are in Malaysia you can be stress-free on the Wi-Fi/internet connectivity part. Yes, the internet and Wi-Fi are readily available everywhere across the country. For instance, hotels, cafes, restaurants, parks, malls, airports, etc. and it is free of cost.

Tropical Climate 

If you relocate to Malaysia, you will find warm tropical temperatures here. Usually, the temperature ranges from 27 degrees Celsius and upwards throughout the year. You might be wondering that this is not very hot but the humidity is extremely high in the country. And because of the humidity, you will feel a lot of heat all year round. Tropical rainfall is also prevalent so, you can be sure to witness some heavy showers during the monsoons.

No Tap Water 

To minimize your chances of falling sick in Malaysia, avoid drinking tap water at all costs. You can opt for packaged bottled water or filtered water which can be easily found. Bottled water is cheap so you don’t have to worry about buying water most of the time. Alternately, you may choose to fill up your bottle with filtered water when you get a chance.

Shopping Heaven 

Malaysia has an amazing retail option and when you move here, you would not want to miss out on the opportunity. You will find shopping malls sprawling over miles and all designer brands in the country. Also, many local brand stores offer an equally good collection. So, do make time for an enjoyable shopping experience. These are the six  must-know things to know before you move to Malaysia.

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