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by Priyadarshini 23 February 2023

Credit cards can help you save money if you choose the correct one for your lifestyle and use it wisely. Looking for the best credit cards to help you save the most money in the new year? Cashback credit cards with high cashback rewards are a good place to start. In this blog, we tell you about high cashback credit cards in Singapore.

Not only is cashback the easiest to understand when compared to credit card benefits such as miles and points, but it is also widely adored – anybody and everyone can appreciate receiving cash refunds.

You might potentially save a lot of money on purchases you would have made regardless if you use the correct cashback credit card.

High Cashback Credit Cards

Maybank Family & Friends Card is a credit card issued by Maybank

With the Maybank Family & Friends Card, you may earn up to 8% cashback on five different types of purchases.

Grocery Shopping, Dining, and Food Delivery
Transportation, Data Communication, and Online TV Streaming Retail and Pets
Fashion Entertainment on the Internet
Pharmacy & Health Care
To get the maximum 8% cashback on your specified expenditure categories, simply spend S$800 on your credit card on a monthly basis. You will receive an unlimited 0.3 percent cashback on any other purchases.

Aside from having the freedom to choose your own favourite spend categories that best suit your lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that the maximum cashback you may earn per calendar month is set at S$125 – each category can earn a maximum of S$25 per month.

Maximum cashback: S$125 multiplied by 12 is S$1,500.

0.3 percent cashback is available indefinitely.

The UOB One Card

The UOB One Card is a multipurpose reward credit card that allows you to earn up to 5% cash back on virtually anything you buy. Additionally, a 5% cash reward is available on Shopee, Grab services, Dairy Farm Group retailers (such as Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, and 7-Eleven), and UOB Travel Planner transactions (i.e. a total of up to 10 percent ).

It offers tiered cashback: you’ll earn 5% cash rebate if you spend S$2,000 per statement month for each qualifying quarter (i.e. S$300 cash rebate per quarter) and 3.33 percent cash rebate if you spend S$1,000 or S$500 per statement month for each qualifying quarter (i.e. S$100 and S$50 cash rebate per quarter).

Furthermore, the additional 5% cash rebate on Shopee, Dairy Farm Singapore, Grab, and UOB Travel is generously capped at S$100 each month! If you drive, make sure to fill up at SPC because this card can save you up to 24%.

That isn’t everything. As you use your UOB One Card, you’ll earn up to 2.5 percent p.a. interest on your UOB One savings account.

Maximum cashback: S$300 multiplied by four equals $1,200.

Maximum bonus cashback: S$100 x 12 = $1,200

Visa Signature Card from CIMB

Do you want a cashback credit card with no annual fees for the rest of your life? Take a look at the CIMB Visa Signature Card. This card offers a 10% payback on online purchases, grocery, beauty/wellness, pet shops/veterinary services, and cruises, as well as an unlimited 0.2 percent cashback on all other purchases.

Simply aggregate your spending and spend a minimum of S$800 in the statement month to earn the 10% cashback, which is capped at S$100 every statement month and S$20 per category.

If you have pets, frequently shop online, enjoy going to hairdressers, massage parlours, and spas, and regularly buy groceries, this credit card may be for you. It’s unusual to discover a credit card that offers cash back on veterinary services!

You can also provide your family the same card privileges at no additional cost; CIMB provides up to four free supplemental cards.

Maximum cashback: S$100 multiplied by 12 is S$1,200.

0.2 percent cashback is available indefinitely.

Visa Platinum Card from HSBC

The HSBC Visa Platinum Card allows you to receive 5% cashback on restaurants, shopping (including online grocery), and gasoline as long as you spend S$600 in a calendar quarter. In addition, for every S$1 charged to your card, you will receive 1X reward points.

Pumping at Caltex and Shell stations is a certain way to drive home happier because of the (up to) 17 percent instant savings and 5 percent cashback you may get on your gasoline buy.

Take note that the cashback on the HSBC Visa Platinum Card is limited to S$250 every calendar quarter. You can redeem your reward points for cash, credit, or miles.

Is another money-saving option available only with HSBC credit cards? With HSBC access, you can get ENTERTAINER for free. With this free bonus, you can take advantage of a bevy of 1-for-1 food, lifestyle, and hotel discounts all year long.

Maximum cashback: S$250 multiplied by four equals S$1,000.

These were some of the high cashback credit cards in Singapore. You can apply for these and use them to save some money!

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