Information Relocation Coordinator need to provide to the relocation company

by Justin 2 May 2019

Checklist of information that your relocation coordinator needs to provide to your relocation company

    • Current Address – Proper address detail with a land mark should be provided to relocation company. This will save time of finding your home.


    • Contact information – Make sure you provide a working mobile number or any mobile number which you carry always with you. If possible your email address should be provided. This two information can improve the accuracy of your relocation coordination.


    • Date for pack-up and time – Proper date and time of relocation should be informed to relocation agency. This can avoid confusions over relocation dates.


    • Any special items – Is there any item which is unique and difficult to transport ?. If items are informed properly, proper tools and vehicles can be arranged for the relocation.


  • Proper shifting address – Proper address with landmark as mentioned above should be provided to the relocation agents. Proper contact information of the prospective house should be given.

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