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by Priyadarshini 1 September 2022

In this blog, we tell you about maid insurance coverage in Singapore. Read on to find out more.

Maid Insurance Coverage in Singapore

Personal Accident

Personal accident coverage is required and is capped at $60,000. If your domestic helper is involved in an accident that results in her death or permanent disability, your insurance policy must provide at least $60,000 in coverage. Some higher-end plans, such as the Sompo MaidEase Superior, provide slightly more coverage, such as a $70,000 death benefit. These payouts will allow you to do the right thing for your domestic worker and/or her family back home, including paying for repatriation if it is not covered by the insurance policy.


Given the number of domestic helpers balancing precariously on ledges while cleaning their employers’ windows, maid insurance should cover hospitalization and surgical expenses. If your domestic worker becomes ill, is injured, or is hospitalized, you can file a claim for medical expenses. This is important to note, especially because some employers avoid sending their domestic helper to the doctor unless absolutely necessary, fearing expensive medical bills. Employers will be able to send their domestic helpers for medical attention if they know their insurance covers it.

Outpatient Treatment

Taking care of your home can be a dangerous task. Consider your assistant being bitten by your beloved pet, getting scalded while cooking, and so on. Maid insurance in Singapore should cover not only hospitalization but also outpatient surgery and other forms of treatment. That is, if your domestic helper visits a hospital but is not admitted, the insurance company may still reimburse the medical bills. Outpatient expenses are typically only covered if the injury is the result of an accident, so make sure you understand when this coverage applies.

Coverage for critical illnesses

Not all policies cover critical illness, but those that do will pay a lump sum if your domestic helper is diagnosed with one. The coverage would work similarly to any other insurance policy with comparable coverage.

Wage Reimbursement

If your domestic helper is hospitalized or unable to work, some maid insurance policies will pay you a small daily allowance. This is intended to compensate you for your domestic helper’s wages so that she can continue to work while recovering from whatever happened to her.

Personal belongings of the Maid

Don’t be surprised if your housekeeper owns a smartphone and a laptop. Some insurance policies will cover your maid’s personal belongings, allowing you to seek compensation on her behalf if they are stolen or damaged.

Advantages of Alternative Assistance

When your domestic helper is hospitalized or otherwise unable to work, some insurance policies will reimburse you a set amount per day so that you can hire replacement help.

Third-party Responsibility

While your domestic helper is unlikely to destroy someone’s property, if she or you as her employer are named in a lawsuit, you’ll be relieved if your maid insurance includes third-party liability coverage. Even for basic plans, this can reach $5,000.

Security Bond

If you hire a domestic helper from somewhere other than Malaysia, MOM will require you to purchase a $5,000 bond from a bank or insurance company. Furthermore, if you hire a Filipino domestic worker, you must provide the Philippine Embassy with a Letter of Guarantee for a security bond of up to $7,000. This letter must be issued by a reputable insurance company and must be valid for at least two years. As a result, ensure that your insurer will cover you for the bond (s). This means they will agree to pay the government/embassy if your bond is forfeited and then recover the costs from you.

Maid Replacement

Some maid insurance policies will pay agency fees to find you a new domestic helper if something tragic happens to your domestic helper and you are forced to hire another. Keep in mind that your first domestic helper’s contract had to be terminated due to a serious enough infraction.

Repatriation – Maid Insurance Coverage in Singapore

Some insurance policies will provide a separate repatriation payout if your domestic helper dies or becomes permanently disabled, allowing you to send her home. These costs can be quite high, and it would be right and proper for the deceased to be returned home to the family for a proper and respectful burial.


If you’re the suspicious type, look for maid insurance, which protects your family’s belongings from theft committed by the domestic helper.

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