Moving Out of London? | Why are Expats Moving to Other UK Cities

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by Priyadarshini 26 May 2023

While many people who want to move to the UK dream about settling in London. The country is much more than its busy metropolis. And it appears that the UK’s expat movement trends reflect this as well. Over the last five years, an increasing number of people have left the ‘big city’ and relocated to other outstanding cities in England. In fact, each year, more people move out of London than move in. Read this blog to know why are expats moving out of London?

London is expanding with fantastic infrastructure and never-ending lists of things to do and see. However, current moving patterns show that more and more of us are moving out of London. Moving out of London appeals to a large number of people for a variety of reasons.

Why are Expats Moving out of London?

Every year, a large number of young families leave the capital in pursuit of a better way of life. One that is more conducive to raising a family. Many young families are leaving the city in search of more space, lower crime rates, lower living prices, and shorter commutes to school and jobs as they look to the future. While there are many wonderful places to live and raise a family in London, many people prefer to relocate with their young children.

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Future Prospects

When young adults who have lived and grown up in London consider their future educational prospects, many choices for a change of city and relocate to a new university town. Every year, a considerable number of people from this migratory population leave the capital. Young adults are leaving in droves to begin their studies at one of the UK’s other thriving higher education cities.

New Graduates

Graduates make up a major portion of the city’s population. The prospects and vibrant lifestyle afforded by England’s capital attract people in their early 20s from all around the UK, Europe, and further abroad as they hunt for their first graduate job.

Buying Your Dream Home

Across all age groups over the age of 18, a large number of people are fleeing the city in quest of their dream home. While London has many advantages and a very distinct and amazing ambiance, the city’s soaring property prices are unavoidable. As a result, for most people seeking to enter the property market, relocating outside of London expands their options.

This has resulted in a surge of expats moving out of London to other towns and cities. For instance, places like Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Southampton, and Cambridge. Although London will always remain the UK’s throbbing heart, if you’re considering relocating to the country, take some time to visit some of the other incredible places you may call home.

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