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by Priyadarshini 26 February 2021

New Zealand is a remote island nation and if you should carefully plan your relocation. Planning and organizing a relocation process is not easy and you should always hire a relocation company for your move. As a moving company, we understand how complicated the entire process can be. We provide end-to-end relocation assistance to give you a stress-free move. So, get in touch with us to jumpstart your relocation to New Zealand. In this blog, we tell you all about moving to New Zealand.

New Zealand is popular with expats for its great work culture, housing, and its friendly people. It has stunning scenic beauty, a welcoming culture, a great work-life balance, and an overall high standard of life. The Māori culture here is vibrant and full of life. Once you are here you will find the locals to be accepting towards foreigners. People are easy-going and English is commonly spoken in the country. So, if you know how to communicate in English you are good to go! Many expats move to this island nation every year because they are drawn to the natural beauty and the vibe here.


Now you may be wondering how to relocate to New Zealand? Primarily for moving to New Zealand, you should have a job offer from a company there or it could also be an internal transfer. However, the visa process is difficult and as there are many prerequisites. Also, there are visa quotas and limits on each country. The visa application opens only once a year so, you have to be alert and apply while the window is open. Application criteria and process are stringent and vacancies fill up really quickly. From proof of character to your offer letter to medical exams you must tick all the boxes to get a green signal. There are over 80 types of visas for New Zealand and you can choose the best suitable one for you.


Once you have successfully moved to New Zealand, the next most important thing is accommodation. Finding a place to rent can be difficult. Auckland is an expensive city and finding an affordable rented place may take some research. However, there are various options here like studio apartments, furnished and non-furnished homes, one-bedroom apartments, etc. In this island nation, most commonly rent is paid weekly and utilities are added on top of your rent.


Research on the job market in New Zealand before moving to New Zealand. Also, you will first need to have a job offer from the country to apply for a visa. People here have a very relaxed and chilled way of working. Be it business or a job the work-life balance here is of high standards. The work culture here does not promote hierarchy and you can function independently.


Living amidst nature is a dream many people have. Moving to New Zealand would fulfill that dream. The country has amazing weather and the locals will make you feel at home. However, living miles away from your loved ones in a different time zone can get difficult at times. Otherwise, the country has a lot of pros for which you should consider moving here. The healthcare, working culture, and education are excellent and overall the country is a safe place to raise a family.

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